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SpiderTech Announces New X, Y, & I PowerStrips

SpiderTech™ Announces New X, Y & I PowerStrips Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape Applications, Making It Easy for Practitioners to Achieve Superior Clinical Outcomes
The Most Popular Tape Shapes Used by Healthcare Providers Are Now Conveniently Pre-Cut

Toronto, Canada -- SpiderTech,™ which provides specialized kinesiology taping products that naturally reduce pain and restore strength and mobility to injured and sore muscles,  has announced new X, Y & I PowerStrips, kinesiology tape applications based on three of the most common shapes utilized by healthcare providers. Chiropractors and other practitioners who use kinesiology tape now have a more convenient and timesaving way to apply the tape to patients dealing with sports injuries, knee pain, back pain and other ailments.

“When we initially launched our advanced pre-cut Spiders in 16 different shapes, it was met with an enthusiastic response among many practitioners,” said SpiderTech’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Jardine, DC, Med.Ac, CSCS, ART, CSTI. “The X, Y, & I PowerStrips are the next logical step, with the benefit of application right out of the box without having to cut patterns.”

SpiderTech Power Strips - X, Y, & I

SpiderTech has revolutionized knesiology tape-based therapy by introducing its pre-cut product line complemented with the education and support that make up a complete system of therapy. The newest additions to the pre-cut line, the X, Y & I PowerStrips, make it easy for doctors who have used these common Spider shapes on their patients for the past 3 decades for injuries and discomfort affecting the knee, lower back, neck and shoulder.

SpiderTech is the only kinesiology tape available in pre-cut shapes. In addition to X, Y, & I, 16 different shapes range from the “Hip Spider” to the “Upper Knee Spider,” the “Shoulder Spider,” and the “Hamstring Spider.”  The tape, made with hypoallergenic acrylic glue, is manufactured to be the same weight, thickness and elasticity as the skin and is therefore able to integrate with the body’s nervous system naturally.

The company is expected to begin shipping new shapes this week. X, and Y shapes are packaged in a box of 40, while I are packaged in a box of 100. Visit for information or to place an order.

About SpiderTech™
SpiderTech provides specialized kinesiology taping products that naturally reduce pain and restore strength and mobility to injured and sore muscles. The Toronto-based company has reinvented the use of Kinesiology tape with innovative pre-cut Spiders, a natural, easy-to-use, drug-free advanced therapeutic product. 

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