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A PT's Journey Back into Exercise
continuing education, physical therapy, occupational therapy - rehabedge.comWhen it comes to exercise and exercise prescription, PT's have to be the "masters of their domain", so to speak. We have to be the ones to provide a positive influence to our patients. How better to do that than to lead by example? In order to prescribe a healthy lifestyle, we should set the bar. After a long layoff from exercise, I started again. I got back to my roots of strength training. I'm documenting this in a blog because that medium will hold me accountable to my words/actions. If others are following me, then I better be consistent.

The blog will not only serve as a place to log my progress. I will begin to update my thoughts on the PT profession, how strength training movements (squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press) are needed by all individuals and some discussion on current research.

Come join me.

Ken Shearer, PT


Ken Shearer, PT  

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