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Maitland-Ausralian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS) is now listing MT-1 and MT-2 seminars on RehabEdge

Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS) is the Nation’s Leading Educator in Evidence-Based Clinical Management of Spinal & Peripheral Conditions.  MAPS offers two and three day “hands-on” weekend seminars for Physical Therapists, as well as a rigorous and highly respected Manual Therapy Certification Program (COMT).  Over 31,000 rehabilitation providers have joined the MAPS Manual Therapy movement, and MAPS courses have consistently received A+ participant approval ratings in each of the last 15 years.  

All MAPS courses provide participants with:
1)     70+% Hands-on Laboratory, with directly supervised instructor feedback.
2)     Highly qualified Faculty, who are passionate educators and industry leaders with over 450 combined years of clinical experience,
       including 13-FAAOMPTs,14-OCSs, 8 PhDs/DPTs, and 7-Advanced Manipulation degrees. 
3)     Live patient demonstrations/evaluations where legally permitted and available.
4)     Pre-approved CEU credit in all states in which courses are offered.    
5)     A bound and illustrated course manual, along with other instructional materials to aid the learning process. 

MAPS courses ARE BASED UPON the world-renowned Maitland-Australian approach, the cornerstone of modern day Evidence-Based Orthopedic Manual TherapyFirst developed by the famous Australian Physiotherapist, and co-founder of IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopedic Manual Therapists), Geoffrey Maitland, the Maitland-Australian approach was introduced to the U.S. by MAPS founder Robert Sprague, PT, PhD, GDMT, COMT, FAAOMPT. This patient-centered approach is based primarily on the assessment and treatment of the patient’s signs/symptoms, respecting the diagnosis, understanding the pathology, and using biomechanical knowledge when applicable. The examination and subsequent treatment is intended to gently provoke the patient’s actual symptoms and thus confirm the source and specific tissues potentially at fault. Carefully graded osteokinematic (physiological) and arthrokinematic (accessory) passive mobilization techniques are performed to reproduce the pain of a stiffness disorder (pathomechanical) to restore normal movement and mechanics, OR to reduce/eliminate the patient’s pain dominant disorder (pathophysiological) related to inflammation or other pathophysiological processes. 

The Maitland Australian approach is scientific, systematic, logical, usually very gentle and epitomizes TRUE Clinical Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).  MAPS integrates the THREE equally weighted components of EBM into every course using:

  • The Best Available Research.  Supporting research is updated continually to ensure course content validity.
  • Clinical Expertise.  MAPS courses refine skills in patient assessment, clinical reasoning and clini­cal decision-making. Our Faculty have over 450 combined years of clinical experience. Our courses emphasize lateral thinking to improve the therapist's clinical skills through continuous self-assessment.
  • Patient Values.  The patient's needs are considered above all else, and the effects the disorder has upon the patient are the primary concerns in both evaluation and treatment.

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