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If you're into art or have traveled to Chicago, you're probably familiar with Cloud Gate. Cloud Gate, also known as "the bean," is made up of over 150 stainless steel plates and is located near Millennium Park in Chicago, Illinois. It was designed by artist Anish Kapoor and took two years (2004-2006) to construct. This huge mirror-like structure reflects the hustle and bustle of the city and is a focal point for visitors and residents alike. 

Now I'm no art student, but I sense a connection here. Like the organic nature of art, the physical therapy field is like a living organism in that it is constantly developing. In order for PTs and PTAs to keep up with the latest skills and techniques, they are required to take several hours of continuing education courses. The purpose of taking physical therapy CEUs or PTA CEUs is to help supply physical therapy practitioners with the knowledge they need to perform their roles with proficiency. Think of it this way: like the reflective nature of Cloud Gate, the skills you'll develop from genuinely engaging in continuing education will reflect in your job performance and effectiveness as a PT or PTA. Okay, so maybe all this symbolism and art stuff isn't for you. After all, you' didn't sign up for an art class! Here are the facts you probably came to this post looking for: 
The Illinois physical therapy continuing education deadline for PTs is September 30th of even numbered years. 
Physical therapy assistants have a deadline of September 30th of odd numbered years.

Physical therapists required to complete a total of 40 hours of physical therapy continuing education. PTs are limited to 20 hours of online physical therapy continuing education. Similarly, PTAs are required to complete a total of 20 hours of continuing education CEU courses, but can only complete up to 10 of those hours through physical therapy home study programs. Regardless of where the PT or PTA lives or practices, if their license is awarded by the state of Illinois, they must adhere to the continuing education requirements set forth in Section 1340.61 of the Administrative Code

This post was provided by Lindsey Tatum from Milestone Continuing Education. 

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Disclaimer: It is ultimately the responsibility of the practitioner to be aware of changes to their continuing education requirements. Check your state board’s website to insure you are up to date on your requirements, as they frequently change.


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