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Practical Highlights in Joint Arthroplasty

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Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   3
Registration Fee:   $99.00

Review surgical interventions, medications and medical comorbidities impacting recovery from total joint arthroplasty, including the knee, hip and shoulder. Identify foundational factors in early healing and rehabilitation of total joint arthroplasty (TJA) with regard to rapid recovery and same day discharge protocols. Define the rehabilitation role in acute through outpatient therapy to the overall continuum of care.

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Total joint arthroplasty surgery has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. This course looks at the improvements to surgical interventions, pain management strategies and the care continuum. This allows opportunities for clinicians to help patients achieve normal functional range of motion and subsequent strength, beyond what patients believe is possible. With improved surgeons’ techniques and pain control, rehab professionals are empowered and energized to meet these new opportunities. Alisa Curry PT DPT GTCCS GCS FSOAE is a Physical Therapist that has performed rehabilitation with thousands of patients with total joint arthroplasty. This course addresses expectations of patient’s outcomes and rehabilitation interventions possible with this patient population. This has a direct financial impact at every level of care, due to Medicare’s comprehensive accountabilities. This opens up a variety of potential for therapists to prove their potential for improving physical recovery after total joint surgery and partnering in the care continuum.

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