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The Basics of Sacroiliac Mobilization

Great Lake Seminars

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   16
Registration Fee:   $575.00

At the completion of this seminar, the participant will be able to:
Independently discuss rationale for sacroiliac mobilization.
Independently and correctly perform a sacroiliac evaluation to determine dysfunction.
Correctly perform multiple movement dysfunction tests to ascertain the side of dysfunction
Correctly palpate the landmarks of the pelvis to ascertain the type of dysfunction present in the pelvic girdle
Demonstrate the ability to follow the correct order of treatment in the pelvis to best correct dysfunction
Demonstrate correct application of specific mobilizations

Topics Covered
Review of pertinent anatomy
Introduction and review of biomechanics of the sacroiliac joint and how it will be assessed
Palpation of bony structures—this will be reviewed throughout the course
Diagnostic testing—static and motion assessment
Treatment of pubic dysfunction
Treatment of iliosacral dysfunction—flares, rotations & slips
Treatment of sacroilial dysfunction—sacrum
Review of each assessment and treatment technique
Application to specific clinical situations

Target Audience

Confirmation Notes
This course has been submitted for 16 continuing education hours. Approval amounts may vary per state. Certificates of attendance with the number of course hours will be given to each participant at the completion of the course.

Saturday 7:30am Continental Breakfast 8:00am Lecture: Introduction, Review of pertinent anatomy 9:30am Lecture: Pelvic Girdle Biomechanics: Iliosacral 10:15am Lecture: Pelvic Girdle Biomechanics: Sacroilial 12:00pm Lunch (on your own) 1:00pm Lab: Diagnostic Testing - Static & Motion Assessment 3:00pm Lab: Treatment of Pubic Dysfunction 4:00pm Lab: Treatment of Iliosacral Dysfunctions - Slips 4:45 Lab: Review 5:00pm Lab: Review of Evidence-Based Literature 5:30pm Adjourn Sunday 7:30am Continental Breakfast 8:00am Lab: Review of Bony Structures and Diagnostic Testing 9:00am Lab: Treatment of Iliosacral Dysfunctions - Flares 10:00am Lab: Treatment of Iliosacral Dysfunctions - Rotations 10:45am Lab: Treatment of Sacroilial Dysfunctions 12:00pm Lunch (on your own) 1:00pm Lab: Treatment of Sacroilial Dysfunctions 2:00pm Lab: Review of Iliosacral Dysfunctions 3:00pm Lab: Review of Sacroilial Dysfunctions 3:30pm Lab: Speed Mobilizations 4:15pm Lab: Application to Clinical Situations 4:30pm Review of Evidence-Based Literature 5:00pm Adjourn

The greatest strength of this class is its ability to simplify a seemingly complex region of the body and give the clinician a set of tools to use with confidence on Monday morning. This class is evidence based and demonstrates both theoretically and with specific case examples how the pelvis contributes to low back pain in patients. A unique aspect of this course is how it clarifies often ambiguous treatments with the pelvis; giving both new and seasoned clinicians a more comprehensive way of treating the pelvis.
As with all of our manual therapy courses, this seminar will follow a progression of principles and reinforce them throughout the 16 hours, is at least 75% hands-on lab, and will give the clinician hands-on skills they use immediately upon their return to the clinical setting.

Dates and Locations
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Dates:   10-17-2020 - 10-18-2020


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Dates:   11-14-2020 - 11-15-2020


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Dates:   12-12-2020 - 12-13-2020