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Treating Infants and Families in the NICU and Beyond

Education Resources, Inc.

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   13
Registration Fee:   $435.00

Upon Completion of this course, the learner will be able to:
Discuss the developmental theories and evidence based outcomes of the premature infant
Discuss a rehabilitative intervention with the premature infant while in the NICU
Identify medical and developmental terminology, equipment, team members and common abbreviations commonly seen with the NICU infant and post D/C from the NICU.
Identify common self-regulatory signals displayed by premature infants.
Describe the state behaviors displayed by infants.
Recognize typical newborn developmental motor patterns
Discuss typical motor and sensory development observed in premature infants up to 4 months of adjusted age.
Discuss the pathophysiology of common medical diagnoses found in the NICU and developmental outcome of these diagnoses.
Discuss and identify the various components of a physical evaluation and examination of a premature infant and their family after D/C from the NICU.
Recognize valid and reliable standardized testing tools available for assessment with a premature infant up to 4 months of adjusted age.
Provide evidence based thoughts and comments for recommendations of follow up care of an infant and family/caregiver after discharge from the NICU.
Provide rationale for selection of a therapeutic intervention plan of care with a post NICU infant and their family/caregiver.
Determine positioning needs within a therapeutic intervention plan with the post NICU infant and their family/caregiver.
Practice handling techniques in a simulated setting for promotion of postural control in static and dynamic positions.
Determine the need for developmental follow up, family intervention, and a positioning and handling programming for NICU graduates.

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This course will focus on preparing the infant and their family for transition home and for providing optimal developmental care post discharge. It is designed to provide medical, developmental and outcome data as well as intervention strategies to enable professionals working in the NICU to determine which babies will require services following discharge from the NICU, and to enhance the skills of the professional practicing within a home base and/or outpatient clinical setting treating the NICU graduate.

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