Continuing Education For Physical Therapists

Top 5 Therapy Interviewing Questions and Tips Regarding Continuing Education Benefits

Therapists who believe in life-long learning and development desire to practice around peers who are motivated to learn as well. When considering a new position, always inquire about continuing education benefits. If you are, or plan to be a life-long learner, the following are useful tips and essential questions to ask during an interview:

1. Does the company provide continuing education benefits?

If the company does provide benefits, inquire about the structure of the benefits. Are benefits a certain amount per year, per therapist, or a pool of money which is budgeted to the department and paid out at the discretion of the manager? Are benefits restricted in any way? Is travel included?

2. Does the company provide reimbursement for board certification or specialist certifications? If so, does the company pay for the application and the course?

3. What is the company’s process for requesting continuing education?

4. If I choose to specialize in an area which requires training in excess of the typical benefit, is this supported by the company?

For example, lymphedema certification or a certification in hand therapy (CHT) can be above typical amounts. If this is something you are interested in, it is best to know how the company handles it. Some companies require a 2-3 year commitment which is not unreasonable to ask since the employer is investing in you and you are obtaining something that will benefit you for your entire career.

5. Does the company offer peer-to-peer training or education?

In-services, bringing in physicians to cover protocols, or journal clubs are common ways employers provide additional training and guidance.
These questions and interviewing tips will assist in discovering if the employer values continuous learning and development and has a culture of learning. Remember, even if the company does not offer benefits, or the benefits are less than adequate, there is always room for negotiation!