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Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE


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Eric Ahonen, ATC, LAT, CFCE Eric has focused his career on restoring human performance. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in 2009 from Carthage College. His athletic training experience provided a solid foundation for him to transition into industrial rehab in 2010. Eric brings years of experience working in outpatient physical therapy and was a Senior Industrial Rehab Specialist for a large private practice company, where he performed FCEs, Functional Progress Notes/Discharge Summaries, and created hundreds of work hardening/work conditioning programs. His background in sports medicine has allowed him to think outside of the box and create some inventive job simulation and functional tasks for his patients. Eric has performed well over 1,000 evaluations using the OccuPro Software. Mr. Ahonen has been awarded the highest level of FCE certification and is a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator. He also has experience working closely with employers and has performed hundreds of post offer employment tests. Eric’s passion for treating the “industrial athlete” and many years of experience make him an asset for anyone looking to build a successful industrial rehab program.