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Seth Oberst DPT SCS CSCS

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Seth Oberst, DPT, SCS, CSCS is a residency-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy with a holistic, integrative approach to rehabilitation and wellness. Dr. Oberst works to help clients regulate their movement and behavior by altering how they sense and perceive their environment. In learning new ways of moving, clients are able to reduce or eliminate pain and dysfunction while improving performance thru resiliency, adaptability, and efficiency. Currently practicing in Atlanta, Georgia, Seth is sought by a diverse population of clients from those with chronic pain and fatigue to competitive amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes. He has worked as an Injury Prevention and Performance Consultant for several Olympic teams and CrossFit affiliates. Seth received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Ohio University and has undergone extensive training through an APTA-credentialed residency culminating in board certification in Sports Physical Therapy. He has presented on motor control topics at national conferences for clinician scientists, provides continuing education for healthcare professionals, and regularly consults with fellow physiotherapists and coaches.