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Jim Mecham, MS, OTR/L, AEP, CFCE


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Jim Mecham, MSIE, OTR/L, CPE, CFCE Jim has dedicated his career to developing comprehensive industrial rehab programming that returns an injured worker to work as soon as possible. Within his career, he has developed multiple functional capacity evaluations with the crown jewel being the FCE within OccuProʼs Software. Today, this FCE system is being performed on a daily basis by therapists throughout North America. Jim trains medical professionals how to perform these evidence-based, reliable, and valid functional capacity evaluations. In the development of his present FCE system, Mr. Mecham spent countless hours reviewing literature and research to make sure the FCE met the highest standards of evidence-based practice. He has presented at state and national conferences and written numerous articles in regards to evidence-based, reliable, and valid performance of FCEs. Jim’s experience in the field of industrial rehabilitation, combined with his dynamic presentation style, is why professionals world-wide have participated in his FCE Certification Course..