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Tai Chi for the Older Adult: Ancient Exercise/Modern Evidence

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Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   1
Registration Fee:   $39

Cite research that supports the use of Tai Chi therapeutically with patients who are older. Demonstrate how to guide a patient through 11 fundamental Tai Chi movements patterns . Choose the appropriate Tai Chi form for your patient based on the needs of the patient. Document and bill for the use of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has been an effective form of exercise for hundreds if not thousands of years. Practitioners report positive feelings of health and well-being, and there is now an overwhelming amount of positive research to support the therapeutic use of Tai Chi, especially with patients who are older. Studies have shown positive results for the use of Tai Chi to treat adults with a variety of health condition including cancer, COPD, depression, heart disease, hypertension, low back pain, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s and stroke. Mark Traffas summarizes the research that justifies the use of Tai Chi therapeutically for many diagnostic conditions and the expected benefits. He then takes you through what you need to know to implement Tai Chi into your practice today, from teaching fundamental movement patterns of Tai Chi, to selecting the best form for your patient’s deficits, to documentation and billing. You don’t have to be a Tai Chi expert to get expert results. Mark Traffas makes Tai Chi clinically usable with clear explanations and slow, easy to follow poses. One of the Tai Chi demonstration videos contained in this 1-hour course is designed to be used in the clinic. You can play it and guard, monitor and modify how your patients do the poses as you watch and perform the movements together. “Tai Chi is a form of safe, enjoyable, light-to-moderate aerobic physical activity for adults that is inexpensive to implement in diverse community settings.” (Kobena Easwaran, et. al., 2020) and this course shows therapists how to use it effectively with older adults in a way that is skilled. The course includes a demonstration video designed to be used with patients in your clinic.

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