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REG Talk Rehabilitation Excellence in Geriatrics

GREAT Seminars and Books

Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   5
Registration Fee:   $149

Design an effective home care program for a patient with a hip fracture. Analyze the connection between osteoporosis and yoga practice and the implications for rehabilitation. Develop evidence-based interventions for each of the following 3 patient conditions: stroke, Parkinson’s, muscle weakness. List 3 recommendations for rehabilitation made by world- renowned orthopedic surgeons. Explain why dynamometry is an essential tool for rehabilitation therapists treating older adults. Explain how visual imagery can be used to improve balance in older persons. Develop 3 techniques for getting rehabilitation students interested in geriatrics. List 3 things rehabilitation therapists need to know when working with geriatric patients. Design salient features of a specialty practice in geriatrics List and describe 5 quick functional tests for screening,evaluating and monitoring geriatric patients.

Geriatric rehabilitation is multi-faceted. This course, composed of 14 concise, information-packed presentations based loosely on TED talks, will examine numerous aspects of rehabilitative care for older persons. We have assembled some of the world’s foremost experts on a vast array of topics germane to geriatric rehabilitation. The content ranges from balance to stroke to hip fracture management. The presenters include rehabilitation therapists, researchers, orthopedic surgeons, exercise physiologists and geriatricians. They all share a commitment to and a passion for their topic area, and they have the ability to get their clinically applicable points across in an engaging manner. Prior to each vignette, participants will be asked a question or asked to perform a brief task designed to help you interact with the content so that you will more easily apply the material in your specific health care setting. Participate in REG Talk and take home over 15 new treatment ideas for a wide variety of patients.

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