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TeleRehabilitation for Older Adults: Latest Research, Best Tools and Techniques

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Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   3
Registration Fee:   $99

Identify effective, research-based Telerehab protocols Describe the results of recently published research regarding the efficacy of Telerehab Use recent research to assist in predicting the intensity and course of low back pain Categorize Telerehab exercises that have error scores outside normal variation Select Telerehab tools that have shown good agreement with in-person assessments

Target Audience

TeleRehab has been used successfully for a number of years, but due to the pandemic, interest in this option has increased dramatically. When done correctly, TeleRehab has been shown to significantly benefit patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Patients who benefit the most are those who would otherwise have to travel long distances for face-to-face therapy, older adults, and those for whom travel is problematic due to physical limitations and care-giver schedules. Evidence supporting telerehabilitation to address musculoskeletal conditions continues to emerge. And more and more therapists are adding Telerehab to their schedules. But despite its advantages, there are also limitations to this treatment format. Some assessment tools and protocols work better than others when examining and treating patients remotely. Learning about practical, research-based Telehealth evidence can help you deliver outstanding care using this relatively new medium. This course addresses how to get started with TeleRehab, what the experts and latest research tell us are the crucial TeleRehab do’s and don’ts, what musculoskeletal assessments work best in a telehealth setting, what treatment protocols have been shown to be the most effective, how to bill for TeleRehab services, and much more. There are lots of telehealth courses to choose from, so why choose this one? Where this course excels and most others fall short, is in its thorough coverage of the recent research on Telerehabilitation. This course summarizes the clinical research in ways that make it clear how to succeed in delivering rehabilitation therapy remotely. You will learn what we really know as a result of solid research as well as what the experts think is most effective. Case studies illustrate real world TeleRehab examples for common conditions – neck, shoulder and low back pain. This course is designed for therapists who have never tried TeleRehab as well as those who have been giving it a go for a year or so. It’s for therapists who want their entire practice to consist of TeleRehab patients and for those who want a mixed practice or who just want to try it out. Whether you want to dip your toe or up your game, this course has a lot to offer.

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