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Certification in Telerehabilitation (CTR): Therapy Delivered Remotely

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Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   15
Registration Fee:   $415

Apply evidence-based PT practices in a Telehealth setting Explain the differences between conducting an in-person PT visit and a Telehealth PT visit as it pertains to evaluation and treatment approaches Explain the necessary prep for a telehealth visit Identify effective communication strategies for use in telehealth Compare and contrast the differences between Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance reimbursement for telehealth Identify effective, research-based Telerehab protocols Select Telerehab tools that have shown good agreement with in-person assessment Integrate telehealth information to design an appropriate telehealth program

Target Audience

Now more than ever, rehabilitation professionals need to have the skills to effectively work with patients/clients remotely. As more and more companies are looking to telerehabilitation as an adjunct to providing care for now and the future, finding therapists with a certification in this area is crucial. It is not acceptable to practice on our patients while gradually learning what works best when using a remote care delivery system. Telerehab done well is not something one can do without a ready understanding of the current literature regarding the assessments, interventions and motivational practices that translate well from current face to face clinical care to the telehealth screen. This certification provides an overview of the research-based practices that have been shown to be effective when delivered remotely. You’ll also watch some of the Nation’s leading experts work with real patients ages 26-78. You’ll see patient examinations and interventions delivered remotely encompassing some of the top diagnoses seen by physical therapists (e.g., back, neck, shoulder, knee pain, balance and lower extremity injury). This certification is more than just a review of billing and regulations for Telehealth. It demonstrates and tests your ability to deliver care remotely – with confidence and skill. You will get the nuts and bolts of how to effectively use telerehab and the instructors will provide answers to your questions about payment and technical issues. Participants will be asked to complete a project involving examination and intervention in the telehealth setting based on the information learned in the course. The purpose of this Telerehab certification course is to provide the tools necessary for therapists to examine and treat patients safely and effectively using telehealth. Successful completion of the course enables graduates to use the initials CTR (Certification in Telerehabilitation).

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Online Seminars
Location:   Online
Dates:   01-01-2022 - 12-31-2023, 12:00AM 12:00AM