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Documentation Reporting Skill and Progress

GREAT Seminars and Books

Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   5
Registration Fee:   $149

Third party payers such as CMS and private insurers believe that documentation is a tool that can drive good patient care. Therapists typically see documentation as a necessary evil that takes time away from patient care, but allows them to get paid. In truth, both are correct. Documentation has improved over the years, but capturing the essence of skilled patient assessment and treatment quickly and succinctly is an ongoing challenge. We are doctors now, thus more is expected of our profession than ever before. How do we do it in a way that doesn’t take excessive amounts of time from patient care? That is the point of this course. This 5-hour video course presents real patient examples, hilarious interactive vignettes, shortcuts and skilled terminology handouts and flow sheets to help clinicians become more efficient and effective documenters.

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