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Effective Interventions for Older Adults Wellness to Rehab for Posture, Flexibility, Balance, Endurance and Strength

GREAT Seminars and Books

Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   5
Registration Fee:   $149

Demonstrate 30 different exercises for posture, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance that are evidence based Explain why these exercises are important and why EBM is important Monitor proper execution and progression of these exercises Use 2 evidence-based taping techniques for posture Describe 2 evidence-based mobilization techniques for posture and several for flexibility Explain how to prioritize interventions for older adults Discuss lower level interventions for older adults

Target Audience

Most clinicians have extensive arsenals of treatment protocols they can use to address their patients’ needs. But new information and new treatment options are published every day. Keeping up can feel like a full-time job. Or, you can take this 5-hour course in which Dr. Carole Lewis synthesizes the latest treatment research for older adults and breaks it down into the most clinically relevant options for physical and occupational therapists to use when treating older adults who have issues with posture, flexibility, balance, endurance or strength.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Online Seminars
Location:   Online
Dates:   01-01-2022 - 12-31-2023, 12:00AM 12:00AM