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Upper Extremity Tendon Injury Update: Advances in Clinical Management (Hybrid Online)

Rehab Education

Format(s):   Live Webinar
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   15
Registration Fee:   $479

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: identify the anatomy of upper extremity flexor tendons and extensor tendons identify the mechanism of digital flexion, extension and thumb opposition list and recognize the various methods for management of flexor and extensor tendons using various methods described in the literature & practice identify treatment hierarchy and goals for complex traumatic upper extremity injuries utilize clinical reasoning for treatment of various injuries of the hand based on tendon mechanics

Target Audience
PTs, OTs, PTAs, OTAs

15 contact hours (14 contact hours of self study/asynchronous and 1 contact hour of live webinar/synchronous) Extensor Tendons Anatomy of Extensors (~50 Minutes) Extensor tendon Biomechanics & Mechanism of Extension (~65 minutes) Zone I and II (~25 Minutes) Zone III & IV (~70 minutes) Zone V-VIII (~75 minutes) Thumb Extensors (~60 Minutes) Flexor Tendons Flexor Tendon Anatomy & Biomechanics (~90 minutes) Flexor Tendon Zone I & II (~95 minutes) FPL Repairs, Pulley Reconstruction, Tenolysis & Tendon Grafts (~60 minutes) Pitfalls in Flexor Tendon Rehab (~90 minutes) Pathomechanics and Management of Syndrome of Quadriga (~45 Minutes) Flexor Quadriga Extensor Quadriga Injuries Complex Mutilating Injuries (~50 Minutes) Tendon Behavior Following Fractures (~60 Minutes) Assignment: Case Studies (~15 Minutes) Zoom Interactive Classroom 1-hour Zoom Interactive classroom focusing on case studies and Q&A (~60 Minutes)

Comprehensive, hybrid-online, intermediate-level evidence-based course is designed to enhance the clinician’s understanding of the impact of upper extremity tendon injuries on the wrist and hand. Video-recorded lectures and patient demonstrations focus on an analytical approach to the rehabilitation of tendon injuries. Finish up with a Zoom Virtual Classroom session to review case studies and have an opportunity to present your questions to the instructor. Includes treatment protocols, case-studies and review of current research and literature. Focus on: Extensor Tendon Anatomy, Biomechanics and Zone-specific Management of Extensor Tendon Injuries Flexor Tendon Anatomy, Biomechanics and Zone-specific Management of Tendon Injuries Tendon behavior following fractures, complex injuries and secondary deformity Therapeutic intervention Animations and video-clips of cadaver dissection, surgery, pathomechanics, and treatment enhance the learning experience. Participants are cautioned to apply new information and skills within the scope of state licensure law.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Live Webinar
Location:   Self-study Online with one Zoom meeting (TBD)
Dates:   09-04-2023 - 09-04-2030, 12:00AM 12:00AM Eastern