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Primitive Reflexes: Strategies to Promote Integration - Strengthening Foundational Skills - Online Series

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Format(s):   Online Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   11
Registration Fee:   $299

Objectives: 1. Determine the relationship of the three levels of motor control in the central nervous system, and the implications for intervention 2. Correlate current research to the evaluation and treatment of primitive reflexes 3. Describe the impact of structural development and alignment of the pelvis and trunk 4. Choose a primitive reflex integration assessment 5. Apply a treatment plan to address retained primitive reflexes to utilize effective intervention strategies to strengthen your client’s foundational skills, improve client outcomes, and increase engagement in functional activity

Primitive reflex integration is a term being used in a variety of fields resulting in various approaches to treatment. This course provides therapists with a clear understanding of evaluating and treating primitive reflexes. It focuses on understanding the neuroanatomy of primitive reflexes, supporting research, and the importance of analyzing posture, biomechanics, and qualitative movement patterns. Several primitive reflex programs take a rote approach providing a “cookie-cutter” recipe to address each reflex individually. This class begins with understanding the neuroanatomy of the primitive reflexes and how they apply to natural development. It looks at the research and integrates occupational and physical therapy theories (Rood, Bobath, Brunnstrom, NDT) as these all play a large role in the understanding of the primitive reflexes. It teaches clinicians to assess the child’s posture and movement patterns as this is a vital key to integrating reflexes because a child cannot integrate if the posture is holding onto particular patterns of movement to allow for safety and stability. It then goes on to teach the reflexes in groups and patterns as they work together fluidly to promote function.

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Dates:   09-16-2021 - 12-31-2022, 12:00AM 12:00AM Eastern