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# 325 The Pediatric Brain: Functional Neuroanatomy, The Sensory Systems and their Treatment Applications LIVE WEBINAR

Motivations, Inc.

Format(s):   Live Webinar
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Speech-Language
Contact Hours:   14
Registration Fee:   $300

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Name each stage of development of the central nervous system in utero.
2. List two functions of each lobe within the cerebral cortex.
3. Describe three possible functional deficits demonstrated in children with poor reflex integration.
4. Demonstrate primitive and postural reflex assessments.
5. Provide three examples of the impact that cerebellar and basal ganglia dysfunction have on motor and cognitive development.
6. Discuss two differences between explicit and implicit memory.
7. Utilize current research to link developmental disabilities with impaired brain development
8. Analyze visual-vestibular dysfunction in the pediatric population after completing a visual-vestibular screen.
9. Demonstrate five specific treatment activities integrating the concepts presented in this course.

Confirmation Notes
FORMAT: This is a 14-hour lecture/discussion course equivalent to 1.4 CEUs. Motivations Inc is an approved provider by The Texas Chapter of the APTA and meets the guidelines for numerous other states. See our website for the listing of PT approved states.
ASHA: This course is offered for 1.4 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).
AOTA: Motivations, Inc. is an approved provider of continuing education by the American Occupational Therapy Association #4002, for 14 contact hours - Intermediate Level Occupational Therapy Process: evaluation, intervention. The assignment of AOTA CEU's does not imply endorsement of course content, products or clinical procedures by AOTA.

This course will provide pediatric therapists with a deeper understanding of the complex multi-system involvement of the brain in reflex integration, movement, learning, and daily functioning. The instructor will use innovative and multi-sensory approaches to help participants relate the information to their everyday practice. The first day of the course will focus on the functional aspects of neuroanatomy. The second day will focus on the interaction between the vestibular-visual systems. The visual system is often overlooked by therapists and the instructor strives to provide therapists with a new perspective to demonstrate the importance of incorporating visual dysfunction within their vestibular treatment. The visual system has an enormous impact on the precise functioning of the vestibular system and dysfunction can result in poor performance across all areas of a child's function. This course has application for Speech Therapy practice by providing a better understanding of cognitive development for applying treatment concepts. At the end of this two-day course, therapists will have a proficient functional knowledge of neuroanatomy and the visual-vestibular systems in the dysfunctional pediatric population, and immediately utilize this knowledge to augment their current practice.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Live Webinar
Location:   LIVE WEBINAR
Dates:   12-04-2020 - 12-05-2020, 8:00AM 4:30PM EST