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Comprehensive Treatment of the Hip: From the Spine to the Foot

Great Lake Seminars

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   16
Registration Fee:   $575

Goals of this Course
1.) Each participant will have a thorough review and in-depth understanding of Lower Quadrant anatomy, biomechanics and methods of intervention.
2.) Each participant will have the skills to immediately apply the methods learned in this course at the clinical level for the purpose of reducing stress in the hip and objectively confirm improved function of the hip complex.

Course Objectives
At the completion of this seminar, the participant will be able to:
Correctly describe the normal and abnormal biomechanics of at least 5 specific joints involving the lower extremities and pelvis.
Correctly describe the neurophysiological mechanism behind muscle energy technique (MET).
Correctly demonstrate 2 lumbo-pelvic, 2 hip and 3 lower extremity joint mobilizations.
Correctly demonstrate at least 4 components in a systematic approach and treatment progression of the hip complex.
Correctly state 8 key anatomical structures of the lower quadrant (lumbo-pelvic, hip, knee, ankle/foot) and their application to joint mechanics, movement and dysfunction.
State the 8 key treatment principles for joint mobilizations and 6 treatment principles for MFR (Myofascial Release).
Independently discuss 4 treatment concepts for MFR of the lower quadrant.
Correctly demonstrate 8 key treatment techniques for joint mobilizations to decrease stress on the hip.
Correctly instruct a person in 5 exercises to improve strength, stability and mobility of the lower quadrant.

Confirmation Notes
This course has been submitted for 16 continuing education hours. Approval amounts may vary per state. Certificates of attendance with the number of course hours will be given to each participant at the completion of the course.

Saturday 7:30am Continental Breakfast 8:00am Lecture: Introduction, Overview of Anatomy, Lumbopelvic / Hip / Lower Quarter Biomechanics, Overview of Mobilization Types Utilized, Review of Fascia 10:15am Lecture: Lumbo-Pelvic Biomechanical Effects on the Hip 11:30am Lecture: foot effects on the hip. 12:00pm Lunch (on your own) 1:00pm Lab: Assessment and palpation of the Lumbo-pelvic complex 2:45pm Lab: MET / Joint Mobilizations: Lumbo-Pelvic Complex – Thoraco-Lumbar Junction, Sacrum, Ilium 4:30pm Review of Day 1 Lecture Concepts 5:30pm Adjourn Sunday 7:30am Continental Breakfast 8:00am Review and Testing of Saturday Material / Techniques 9:00am Lab: Hip Mobilizations and MFR of the Hip Joint 10:00am Lab: MFR of the Hip Musculature and Fascia 12:00pm Lunch (on your own) 1:00pm Lab: Mobilizations of the Ankle-Foot Complex – Distal Tib-Fib and Talocrural 2:00pm Case Studies 3:30pm Review and Testing of Sunday Techniques 4:30pm Review of Evidence-Based Literature for today’s topics 5:00pm Adjourn

This seminar will allow the clinician to treat the hip in an integrative and comprehensive way. It is unique in that it includes MET and mobilizations of the spine, pelvis, hip/knee and ankle/foot regions. It also teaches treatment, through myofascial release, of all muscles that directly and indirectly influence / impact the hip and its function.
At the completion of this course, the clinician will be able to treat most any hip diagnosis with confidence and comprehensiveness – and achieve immediate improved functional results with their patients!

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Butte Montana
Dates:   09-26-2020 - 09-27-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM


Register Address:   Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Dates:   10-24-2020 - 10-25-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM