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Work Hardening/Work Conditioning Training Course-LIVE IN PERSON


Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Athletic Training
Contact Hours:   14.5
Registration Fee:   $600

• Perform the latest evidence based work hardening/conditioning evaluations including:
– Intake process – Sitting and standing – Musculoskeletal screening and evaluation – Upper extremity testing/coordination – Repetitive functional activities – Occasional/frequent material handling
• Create return-to-work goals and treatment plans from your evaluations
• Apply the OccuPro industrial rehabilitation philosophy
• Rehabilitate injured workers using the latest evidence based return-to-work concepts
• Apply industry accepted principles of industrial rehabilitation
• Perform industrial rehabilitation documentation
• Design and set up your physical space
• Synthesis and document high level return-to-work goals
• Determine frequency/durations and length of stay in program
• Identify appropriate exercise programs and job simulated activities
• Deal with the difficult return-to-work patient
• Perform a job demands analysis for a work hardening/work conditioning patient
• Perform work hardening/conditioning treatment including identifying appropriate treatment and properly progressing your patient

Target Audience
Physical Therapists/Assistants
Occupational Therapists/Assistants
Human Resource Professionals
Athletic Trainers
Exercise Physiologists
Allied Health Professionals

Confirmation Notes
Contact Hours/CEUs
14.5 Hours (2 days)

Education Level
No prerequisites required
15:1student to instructor ratio

Content Domain
Category 1: Domain of OT – Work

Course is approved throughout the US for physical therapists

Our Work Hardening/Conditioning Training Course is designed for medical professionals who are looking to grow their return-to-work program or implement work hardening/conditioning into their practice. When implemented correctly, this can be the most profitable program a clinic offers and can be implemented in an organization of any size. Following the completion of this two-day program, you will be able to perform work hardening/work conditioning evaluations, establish return-to-work goals, and perform patient treatment planning. You will also be able to design rehabilitation programming that will be recognized by case managers and your referral sources as the highest of return-to-work quality. You will also be introduced to processes to increase your work conditioning/hardening referrals by 100% through functional re-assessment testing.
Live In Person students will receive hands on lab experience, while On Demand and Live Webcast students will receive demonstrations performing work hardening/conditioning assessments, outlining return to work goals, creating treatment plans from your evaluations, and turning your treatment plans into high quality patient treatments that will get your patients back to work. Satisfactory course completion as an assessment of learned outcomes includes:
• Participation in the full 2 days of training
• Performing a work hardening/conditioning evaluation
• Creating return-to-work goals
• Preparing a treatment plan based on your evaluation and designing the rehab program
• Classroom presentation/critique of your evaluation and treatment plan

Date And Locations
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