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Interventions for Older Adults Across the Continuum

GREAT Seminars and Books

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   20
Registration Fee:   $545

Upon Completion of this Seminar, Participants will be able to:

1. Demonstrate evidence-based exercise protocols for a variety of diagnoses and conditions in the older adult population.
2. Design exercise prescriptions, dosing and intensity for the older adult with a variety of impairments.
3. List trends in demographics of the aging population in the United States.
4. Compare and contrast common pathologic conditions in the older adult population referred to post-acute therapy settings.
5. Use appropriate functional tools in post-acute settings.
6. Identify factors which contribute to fall risk in older adults.
7. Demonstrate evidence-based interventions to address fall risk in the older adult population.
8. Individualize evidence-based protocols for older adults accounting for comorbidities and complexities.

Target Audience
Primary Audience - Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants.
Secondary Audience - Occupational Therapists; Occupational Therapist Assistants.
LEVEL: This course is at an intermediate level.

Confirmation Notes
A certificate of attendance for 20 contact hours of educational activity (20 CEUs or 2.0 CEUs depending on how your Practice Act determines CEUs in your state) will be awarded to registrants upon completion of the seminar. Great Seminars and Books is an Approved CE Provider for PTs and PTAs in DC, NY, KY, IL, TX and NC. Approved in MD, AR, CA, TN, and NJ REGISTRATION for 20 Clinical Contact Hours. Have applied for approal in OK. This 20 contact hour course meets the guidelines of the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy for an acceptable continuing education activity. Our courses also meet the guidelines for approval in PA, AL, IN, WY, VA, AZ, DE, NH, OR, RI, UT and MO. If you do not see your state listed, please give our office a call. GREAT Seminars is an American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Approved Provider of continuing education. Provider #5363. This course is not approved by ASHA or Board of Certification. Your tuition is tax deductible. Any reference to or mention of state rules or regulations concerning continuing education requirements are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of print. If you have questions, please contact your board or regulating body. Colorado Physical Therapists: This 20 contact hour seminar meets accepted standards for Category 1 continuing competence activities as directed in CO section 12-41-114.6, C.R.S. Please make sure that you have completed the required post-course survey tool. Save your certificate of completion for the relicensing process.

Day 1 7:30-8:00 – Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:00-8:30 – Introduction to Home Health 8:30-10:00 – Assessment Models and Principles of Tests & Measurements. Tools & Functional Outcome Measures for Home Health 10:00-10:15 – Break 10:15-11:00 – Continue Assessment Tools and Functional Outcome Measures 11:00-11:30 – LAB: TUG, 30 sec Sit to Stand, 2 min Step Test, Arm Curl Test, SLUMS & mFES 11:30-12:00 – Lab: DGI, 10’ Walk Test, 4M Walk Test 12:00-1:00 – Lunch (on your own) Lunch Assignment 1:00-2:00 – Other Tests and Measures including Lab: 4 Square Step Test, Modified CTSIB, Single Leg Heel Raise, Short Physical Performance Battery, and Functional Reach 2:00-2:30 – Introduction to Community Based Initiatives and Evidence Based Programs for Fall Prevention for Older Adults. 2:30-3:15 – Fall Risk Assessment and Hospital Risk Assess in Home Health 3:15-3:30 – Break 3:30-4:30 – Geriatric Syndromes, Medications and Treatment Considerations 4:30-5:15 – Home Bound, Face to Face, Skilled Care Documentations & Guidelines 5:00-6:00 – Home Safety Considerations 6:00-6:30 – Questions and Answers Day 2 7:30-8:00 – Continental Breakfast 8:00-10:00 – Payment Models – PPS, HHVB, CJR – How we are paid; Proposed Model change – HHRGs to PDGMs (Patient Driven Grouping Model); Home Health Compare & Star Ratings – How we are graded; How well do you know Oasis? Step by step the functional questions. Oasis D guidance for GG coding 10:00-10:15 – Break 10:15-12:00 – Paint the Picture & Guidelines for Goal Writing; Aging Adults and Fitness; Skilled Maintenance Care 12:00-1:00 – Lunch (on your own) Lunch Assignment 1:00-2:15 – Treatment Interventions the Right Prescription Based on the 6 Categories of Exercise 2:15-3:15 – Evidence Based Interventions for Other Populations: Cardiopulmonary, Stroke and Parkinson’s 3:15-3:30 – Break 3:30-5:00 – Evidence Based Interventions for Other Populations: Orthopedics, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Diabetes & Dementia 5:00-6:00 – Compliance & the Art of Sustaining Goals 6:00-6:30 – Questions and Answers

As the baby boomers continue to age, it’s no secret that the population of older adults is expanding – and will continue strong for the next 30 years. That population will enter all post-acute settings in ever-increasing numbers. As therapists, we are facing heightened demands to work effectively with older adults in increasingly shorter amounts of time. Is your clinic ready for this influx of patients living long into their 80s and 90s? Those who have exposure to the geriatric population know that successful outcomes require an in-depth understanding of common diagnoses along with an appreciation for age-related changes and complexities. This course will provide an overview of several diagnoses commonly encountered in the older population and how to address them effectively at multiple levels of function. Interventions presented will be based on current evidence. Instead of rote lecture, this course will provide time to practice interventions for immediate use in the clinic. Proven effective protocols that can be individualized, one-repetition maximum strength testing, effective exercise dosing, functional measures, and comorbidities will be discussed. The comprehensive manual will include summaries of recently published intervention protocols for clinical use as well as functional tools and references. The surge of aging baby boomers gives us a rich opportunity as they enter our clinics in unprecedented numbers. Take home over 50 new evidence based treatment ideas for older adults that you can use immediately to get great results.

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