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How to Implement Effective Leadership, Management and Marketing in Your Therapy Practice ( on demand webinar) Use Coupon Code AHE10 for 10% off

Allied Health Education

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   2
Registration Fee:   $49

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:
Define the meaning of good leadership vs good management and explain how they differ.
Apply the tools necessary to execute with both good leadership and good management skills.
Demonstrate what it means to be an effective marketer.
Duplicate how to assemble the proper personnel who can work together to achieve your practice goals.

Confirmation Notes

Educational Level

Satisfactory completion of this course will require the participant to complete a 10 question post-test with a minimum passing score of 70%.

On Demand Webinar;
Use Coupon Code AHE10 for 10% off
In this course you will learn the difference between leadership, management, and marketing from the management perspective and be given the actual tools you need to work with to achieve and excel in each of these areas of your practice. Knowing what to do and how to actually apply what you learn is what effective training is all about. You should view your employees as your teammates and the more you are able to be real with them and hold them accountable the better the team will function. This requires great leadership & strong management skills and will require you to develop workable, proven solutions in order to accomplish your goals. In this course you will be shown what the top 10% of practice owners & managers already know and are applying in their offices right now allowing them to succeed and at the conclusion of this course – you will too.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Home-study
Location:   On Demand Webinar
Dates:   01-01-2050 - 01-01-2050, 12:00AM 12:00AM