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Gait Recovery and Orthotic Management in Rehabilitation in Adults with Neurological Injury or Disease

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Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   15
Registration Fee:   $495

Describe normal gait in terms of joint position and muscle activity by phase and body segment Apply knowledge of normal gait to determining specific gait deviations during pathological gait Analyze the determinants and prevalence of gait recovery following common neurological injuries or diseases Describe and demonstrate the appropriate examination and evaluation techniques for assessing gait following common neurological injuries or diseases Identify the common gait deviations/gait patterns present in pathological gait for each of the common neurological injuries or diseases Identify evidence based therapeutic interventions to maximize recovery of gait in persons with neurological injuries or disease. Describe the role of orthotics in gait rehabilitation Identify and demonstrate the common gait deviations present in each of the common neurological injuries/diseases that warrant orthotic management Examine the major causes of these common gait deviations and how they can be corrected with proper orthotic management Review and appraise the evidence regarding the utilization of orthotics Synthesize knowledge of gait impairments and deviations, along with best practice evidence, to create the appropriate therapeutic and/or orthotic prescription Examine the use of functional electrical stimulation in gait rehabilitation for persons with neurological injury or disease

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8:00 Registration & Continental Breakfast 8:30 Normal Gait 10:00 BREAK 10:15 Observational Gait Analysis: Deviation to probable cause 12:00 LUNCH - ON YOUR OWN 1:00 Video application lab 2:00 Comprehensive Examination and Evaluation of Gait 3:15 Break 3:30 Common gait deviations/causative factors with lab 5:30 Q/A, Adjourn Day 2 7:45 Continental Breakfast 8:00 Review/questions from previous day 8:30 Gait Recovery: What we see, what is possible 10:00 BREAK 10:15 Gait Interventions (task specific) 12:00 LUNCH - ON YOUR OWN 1:00 The role of orthotics/matching exam findings to orthotic prescription 2:30 Lab – Gait retraining (activities and handling) 3:15 Break 3:30 Lab – Orthotics (examine, trial, adjust actual orthotic devices) 5:00 Q/A, Adjourn

This course will provide participants with essential tools for examination and evaluation of gait in adults with neurological injury or disease, with the end goal of determining appropriate therapeutic interventions and/or orthotic management to maximize gait recovery. Stroke will be the diagnosis emphasized in the course because of its prevalence, but the course will also address gait dysfunction and recovery in spinal cord injury, Parkinson ’s disease, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, and other neuromuscular disorders. Common gait deviations and trends in gait recovery will be discussed. Evidence based activity, exercise, and orthotic interventions specific to the rehabilitation and recovery of gait will be presented. Participants will have opportunities to see and handle orthotic examples and practice application of information through video and paper patient cases.

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