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Pathology: Aspects of the Disease Process

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   4
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Course Goals: This course is intended to instruct the professional on the origin, onset and progression of unhealthy conditions throughout human life. Professional Objectives: Compare several major definitions of health and disease Distinguish between illness, disease and disability Differentiate physical from psychological disability Describe Germ Theory, Psychosocial, Homeostasis and Neuroimmune theories Discuss the role of genetic mutation and inflammation in the disease continuum Compare leading causes of death in modern America to 100 years ago List cultural and life style factors which affect probability of disease Discuss the pathology implications of tobacco, substance abuse and obesity Describe the health consequences of long term stress List popular medical management strategies Discuss the value of stress reduction and exercise in health maintenance

Course Description: The development of medical management is uncovered to show how psychological, social, economic and cultural factors influence outcomes. The role of individual beliefs and behaviors is also examined. The course pays specific attention to the leading causes of death in contemporary America, Including the roles of tobacco, obesity and excessive stress. Conversely, the value of lifestyle management social support and exercise are shown for their collective ability to counteract disease and preserve length and quality of life. Upon completion, the health professional will earn not only a broad appreciation for the context and biology of disease, but gain a set of resources for enhancing the health of clients and patients. This course examines the multiple facets of the origin, onset and progression of unhealthy conditions throughout human life. The class begins by establishing the foundational concept of health in all of its interpretations. Having discussed what it means to be healthy, the course moves through a series of theories regarding the origin of disease.

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