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Cognitive Communication Disorders: Assessment and Treatment of Neurological Impairments


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1.Outline specific types of attention deficits and discuss successful therapeutic interventions to assure effective outcomes.
2.Describe the models of care for cognitive rehabilitation with respect to specific diagnoses and rehabilitation settings.
3.Distinguish between memory systems and identify appropriate intervention techniques for specific patient diagnoses.
4.Explain executive functions and identify the most effective intervention strategies for specific targeted behaviors.
5.Implement critical thinking and problem solving skills to develop highly individualized therapeutic interventions

Target Audience
• Speech-Language Pathologists • Speech-Language Pathology Assistants • Occupational Therapists • Occupational Therapy Assistants • Rehab Managers • Rehabilitation Nurses • Restorative Nursing Staff • Directors of Nursing • Nursing Assistants • Activities Professionals • Recreational Therapists

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Helping the Neurologically Impaired Patient
Attention, memory and learning are the most commonly reported problems associated with neurological insults whether the impairment is secondary to injury, disease or a disorder. Neurological impairments decrease one's ability to assimilate information needed for learning; can isolate and/or limit social interactions; and significantly decrease one's overall quality of life. The full spectrum of neurological impairments affects a person cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially, and functionally. Since patients are diverse in etiology, pathology and functional abilities, understanding the processes underlying cognitive-communication impairments is absolutely crucial. Choosing relevant assessment instruments and learning to critically think when developing effective intervention techniques is foremost for successful outcomes.
In this one-day, dynamic program rich with case studies and interactive learning, Jane Yakel, M.S., CCC-SLP, reveals the essence of cognitive-communication disorders and offers a neuroscience model used to guide intervention. Relating this model to frequently used assessment measures/instruments, Jane will provide you with innovative and evidence-based approaches to therapy and intervention techniques focusing on the three key domains of cognitive-communication: attention, memory and executive function. The "stage" and the "systems" models of memory will also be discussed in relation to areas of cognitive breakdown. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your practice with intervention strategies that can be applied immediately to your current caseload.

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