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Personality Disorders and the DSM-5: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of PD


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Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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1. Identify and properly assess various personality disorders listed in the diagnostic manual and how they differ from other psychiatric disorders.
2. Examine the DSM-5's Section 2 and Section 3 in regard to personality disorders.
3. Analyze specific techniques for effective screening, treatment, and management for clients with personality disorders.
4. Examine the effects personality disorders can have on a family unit and create strategic methods how to help these family members.
5. Determine how to maintain your own effectiveness with clients by reviewing common mistakes made by the majority of practitioners.

Target Audience
• Physicians • Psychologists • Physician Assistants • Nurse Practitioners • Social Workers • Supervisors, Practitioners • Case Managers • Marriage and Family Therapists • Counselors • Drug and Alcohol Counselors • Nurses • Home Health Care Personnel • Nursing Home Personnel • Anyone responsible for the management or treatment of social work cases

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Dealing with Personality Disorders
Although widely acknowledged to be the most difficult of all mental health conditions, few professionals are properly trained to assess and intervene in cases involving personality disorders. These disorders are almost always the driving force behind stalled treatment; stressful and frustrating case management; and confusing, resistive, and seemingly unmanageable clients. Unless practitioners understand how personality disorders are unique, and learn the specific methods that are required to treat and manage them, their effectiveness will be sharply diminished and the stress caused by this clientele will be unnecessarily high.
This seminar is the long-anticipated DSM-5 update of the longest running, largest attended seminar on personality disorders in the world (formerly titled, "Personality Disorders in Social Work and Health Care"). This revised seminar features an updated and expanded intervention section; the DSM-5 diagnostic changes; and the most current and comprehensive information available about the identification, treatment, and management of personality disorders. Designed for practitioners who know very little about the phenomenon as well as those with highly developed assessment and intervention skills, attendees gain new understanding of the phenomenon and acquire powerful interventions for the management and treatment of their most difficult and frustrating cases.

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