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Therapeutic Reflexology


Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
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Discuss the historical roots, research findings and organization of professional reflexology.
Discuss some theories explaining the beneficial effects of reflexology.
Identify true contraindications to the use of reflexology and three conditions in which you would not use direct pressure.
Demonstrate correct alternating pressure hand reflexology techniques for conditions addressed in this course.
Describe the reflexology map concept as applied to the feet, including vertical zones and horizontal landmarks.
Determine how to perform a foot reflexology routine using healthy hand and body mechanics.

Target Audience
• Massage Therapists • Physical Therapists • Physical Therapist Assistants • Occupational Therapists • Occupational Therapy Assistants • Registered Nurses • Midwives • Nurse Practitioners • Acupuncturists • Chiropractors • Holistic Health Practitioners • Physicians • Physician Assistants • Anyone licensed to provide hands-on care • Anyone seeking to develop new skills to complement professional care and personal health practice

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Reflexology Techniques to Enhance Health Care in a Variety of Settings As health care practitioners in daily contact with human suffering, we are eager to add skills that can help. Learning to apply reflexology techniques to yourself and experiencing the effects in class gives you an excellent foundation for using them in your professional setting to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your work. This course provides you with the skills to apply hand and foot reflexology techniques to patients and clients in numerous settings, and to instruct the patient in using reflexology for symptom relief. The clearing of a bladder infection can be remarkably enhanced or an asthma or allergy episode subdued with basic reflexology skills. The physical therapist and massage practitioner can easily integrate methods for relief of back, neck, knee, hip and sciatic pain into sessions. The midwife and OB nurse can help relieve the chronic discomforts of pregnancy with reflexology methods. Learning basic reflexology theory and skills, and the most effective ways to apply them to yourself, can also refresh and revitalize you, relieving a variety of symptoms surprisingly quickly.

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