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Beyond Compliments: Using Solution-Focused Therapy Everyday With Every Clients


Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Speech-Language / Counseling / Psychology
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Registration Fee:   $179

1 Outline how Solution-Focused Therapy helps the client to be an active participant in the therapy process
2 Develop Solution-Focused ideas for your own therapeutic practice with even the most challenging clients
3 Identify the Five Steps of SFT and how they can move clients from their "best hopes" for therapy to finding real solutions
4 Relate case studies presented to experience with clients you see every day and identify SFT techniques you can use the next day
5 Examine how Solution-Focused Therapy can be tailored to suit different client populations such as children, adults, and families

Target Audience
• Psychologists • Psychiatrists • Licensed Professional Counselors • Social Workers • Marriage and Family Therapists • Case Managers • Substance Abuse Counselors • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners • Mental Health Nurses

Confirmation Notes
Receive unlimited access from the time of purchase through completion and submission of the online exam. Once the exam is taken the seminar will be available for 30 days before course access expires.
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Solution-Focused Therapy techniques you can use immediately with every client
Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on the strengths and abilities of people instead of on the problems that intrude in their lives. The SF approach helps both therapist and clients see beyond the problems that have attempted to cripple their lives and open up to the possibility that every client is competent to begin working toward a solution. The approach helps the therapist to see resiliency, strengths, and possibilities as the client unfolds his/her story and assists the therapist to help the client define a preferred future.
This one-day seminar will address how to use the model with every client you see. By creating goals with the client through a variety of questions, you will learn how to help clients work efficiently to accomplish the desired change in their lives, even on a minor scale, no matter what the circumstance. You will learn the basics of the approach and see that Solution-Focused Therapy is not about techniques. Instead, it is about a way of thinking and seeing clients differently, as having answers, not just problems. Even though each client presents a different issue, by thinking of the client with a Solution-Focused lens, you will learn about how applications and processes emerge that are helpful. This respectful approach will allow you to hear whatever the client brings to therapy and then help the client express where the therapy process goes, no matter what the issue.

Dates and Locations
Purchase Address:   Home-study
Dates:   01-01-2020 - 01-01-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM