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Play Therapy and Beyond: Treatment Techniques and Strategies with Children and Pre-Adolescents


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1. Discuss a working knowledge of Play Therapy and clinical counseling 2. Describe your existing toolbox of counseling skills and techniques 3. Outline methods to connect your treatment goals with a child?s play needs 4. Identify over two dozen original strategies and techniques to use in Play Therapy 5. Define how to be more effective with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disordered, Oppositional Defiant Disordered, Depressed, Reactive Attachment Disordered, Obsessive-Compulsive and other hard-to-reach children 6. Recall unprecedented methods of helping children cope with aggression, decision making and problem solving

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Psychologists Psychiatrists School Social Workers Social Workers Play Therapists Licensed Clinical Counselors School Guidance Counselors School Psychologists Marriage and Family Therapists Art Therapists Child and Family Counselors Child Welfare Case Workers Psychiatric Nurses Hospital Pediatric Counselors Hospice Counselors Adoption Counselors

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Professionals in every child-centered discipline across our country agree that as the years have passed, children are finding themselves in more complex situations. Children are being identified with more severe diagnoses at an earlier age, and possess less coping mechanisms. Children are identified in our schools and offices with ever-increasing complex or multiple psychiatric disorders. They find themselves in unprecedented difficult home and family circumstances. They have a scope of pathologies and life situations that challenge the very therapeutic capacity of our ability to treat. More of these children are entering their pre-adolescence with unresolved dilemmas and ongoing crises, having acquired maladaptive behaviors and carrying one or more diagnoses, and are experiencing repeated failure in home, school and community. Our counseling agencies and systems are constantly seeking effective counseling responses and treatment modalities for these children. Most counselors use some form of play therapy with children and pre-teens; however, many have decided that child-directed play therapy alone is not enough to reach, treat and resolve the difficult issues facing children today. Experienced counselors have discovered that a diverse range of methods and modalities are the treatment of choice with children. Some have learned to merge the effectiveness of the play therapy environment with traditional talk therapies in response to the variety of childhood dilemmas and situations.
This seminar combines the effectiveness of the play therapy environment with a variety of clinical techniques proven and effective with thousands of children. Learn from a counselor/teacher who has treated these difficult children for over three decades. His unique techniques are grounded in sound clinical theory and have been gathered through face-to-face interaction. Mr. White will present over two dozen learn today/use tomorrow techniques and strategies. He will expertly teach how to effectively respond to Reactive Attachment Disorder, Sex Abuse, Mood Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders and other disorders of our time.
Participants will also learn how to reduce a child's fears of counseling, establish the therapeutic relationship and strengthen the child/counselor connection throughout the treatment process. Mr. White will demonstrate effect responses to aggression, self-esteem enhancement and reducing the effects of depression. He will teach effective problem resolution skills, ways to help resistant children and many other child-friendly counseling techniques. Methods in all phases of child treatment will be covered. Participants will leave this seminar prepared to be more effective with their very next client and with techniques that can be used every day for the remainder of their professional career.

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Dates:   01-01-2020 - 01-01-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM