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Mindful-Art Therapy and Emotional Regulation


Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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1. Discuss the most recent studies on the issue of emotion regulation and brain circuitry
2. Discover most current treatment approaches including art therapy and mindfulness approaches for emotion regulation offered for different populations
3. Apply techniques in the context of evidence-based programs and managed care time frame
4. Explore innovative techniques combining mindfulness and art therapy techniques (Mindful-Art therapy) for optimal emotion regulation
5. Identify common mistakes in applying art and mindfulness techniques; how to avoid dysregulating and traumatizing your clients
6. Demonstrate how to regulate yourself using Mindful-Art therapy technique in the presence of a very difficult client

Target Audience
• Marriage and Family Therapists • Counselors • Social Workers • Art Therapists • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners • Guidance Counselors • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors • Pediatricians • Physicians • Mental Health Nurses • Educators

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Increase treatment success and help you deal with difficult clients
The capacity to maintain a calm state of mind even at the time of crisis creates a strong cornerstone for successful psychotherapy. When faced with crisis, the dysregulated individual who is often suffering from psychological disorder becomes dysfunctional and comes to treatment. Due to the nature of crisis, clinicians end up regulating their overstressed clients session after session without being able to dig into the pathology. Due to the high popularity of evidence-based programs, many clinicians are mandated to follow certain time-bound protocols to address the diagnosis. Treating acutely stressed individuals in the context of managed care policies becomes extremely challenging and a source of major stress for the clinician. These pressures, in addition to often being the target of emotional outbursts from their dysregulated clients who project their pain and transference onto them, make the clinician the prime target of emotion dysregulation, as well.
In this course, you will discover new techniques to help your clients regulate efficiently as well as how to teach these techniques to your clients to increase treatment success. Through art therapy and mindfulness, clients will finally be able to move past the crisis and deal with the real issues at hand. You will explore Mindful-Art therapy techniques to help you remain emotionally regulated while dealing with very difficult clients.

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