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Counseling for Couples: Understanding and Improving Love Relationships


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Identify how to help couples reframe their understanding of their relationship to see the positive strivings in their conflicts and in their mate selection process.
Discuss how to use a simple form early in the therapy experience to help couples see their unconscious contributions to the power struggle and to their relationship conflict.
Identify how to help couples understand the paradox of the need to feel and give acceptance in relationships and the need to grow and change to create the best possible relationship.
Discuss how to outline a process to help couples early on in the therapy experience to focus on practicing and building positive, loving interactions and not just work on the problem.
Identify an interview process to help couples separate ?triggers? of upset from the activation of old hurts or sensitivities, build an action plan to deal with them separately and to also take responsibility for their part in the conflict.
Discuss how to assist couples in seeing how culture and family of origin values contribute to misunderstandings and to learn the communication skills to deal with these issues

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Marriage and Family Therapists Psychologists Psychiatrists Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Mental Health Nurses Professional Counselors Social Workers Clergy Pastoral Counselors Case Managers Substance Abuse Counselors

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There is no question that relationships change with time. The more time a couple spends together, the more they start to take each other for granted if they're not proactive in maintaining their relationship. The majority of couples who stay together rate their relationships as "unsatisfactory" or "unhappy." Some people look at this statistic and say, "There's something wrong with commitment and long-term relationships!" However, what is needed is a deeper understanding of the complexity and unconscious strivings present when two people fall in love.
This workshop presents a very positive view of marriage and all intimate, committed relationships, but one that is not well understood by couples and many therapists. Participants will see that the source of conflict is closely related to the unconscious aspects of the attraction to "this particular person" and that the love connection that follows and ultimately results in conflict also contains the potential for significant growth, passion, love and healing.
The skilled couple's therapist must be a good educator, motivator and trainer. Participants will gain skills and tools to motivate couples to actively participate in understanding their frustrations and in developing relationship skills. Walk away with the knowledge to guide couples in a step-by-step manner to learn what the sources of their struggles are and how to separate these sources from the everyday triggers with kindness and empathy.

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