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Therapeutic Interventions for Infants and Toddlers


Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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1. Identify the importance of infant and toddler mental health throughout the lifespan
2. Outline the sensorial and neurological impacts of exposure to psychological trauma in young children
3. Determine what to ask, how to screen, how to apply diagnostics, and when to refer when working with the very young
4. Evaluate sensory integration issues and speech and language delays, as well as fine and gross motor delays
5. Recognize the importance of a systems approach when treating the young child and how occupational, physical, and speech-language therapies can positively affect behaviors
6. Demonstrate effective methods to deal with families? denial and secure their cooperation

Target Audience
• Child Psychologists • Licensed Professional Counselors • Clinical Social Workers • School Psychologists • School Counselors • Marriage and Family Therapists • Psychiatric and Pediatric Nurse Practitioners • Psychiatric and Pediatric Nurses • Pediatric Case Managers • Therapeutic Child Care Personnel • Childcare Providers • Early Interventionists • Occupational Therapists • Speech-Language Pathologists • Physical Therapists • Psychiatrists • Pediatricians • Educators • Head Start Professionals • Child Advocacy/Protective Service Personnel • Clergy

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Early intervention is key to reducing aggressive, disruptive, and extreme behaviors
The newest and fastest growing area of mental health treatment today is infant and toddler mental health. From 1990 to 1995, the number of preschool-age children receiving psychopharmacological treatment tripled and the numbers are still growing. Young children are presenting with severe behaviors and emotional disturbances that significantly impact their social-emotional development, school readiness, and long-term mental health. Families, schools, and state-funded childcare systems are seeking mental health consultation and intervention at unprecedented rates. In fact, pre-K students are three times more likely to be expelled than K-12 students. Unfortunately, very few mental health providers are sufficiently trained to treat this special population, and the economic and social ramifications of this epidemic are long-lasting and can be devastating.
The good news is that children at this age are very resilient; therefore, effective, early interventions can have more profound and long-lasting results than with any other age group. This comprehensive, interactive workshop focuses on understanding the factors affecting infant and toddler mental health, including physical co-morbid conditions, developmental concerns, family interaction and buy-in, systems communication, advocating for multi-system support, and resources to supplement treatment. Specific attention to diagnosing and working with families, as well as health care and school professionals, is an aspect of this workshop. Participants will leave with practical tools to use with their youngest clients in the clinic or at school the following day!

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Dates:   01-01-2020 - 01-01-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM