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Helping Adult Clients Grow Up: Blend Object Relations Perspectives into Your Therapies for "Stuck" Clients


Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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1. Discuss how growth takes through stages and through internalizing relationships
2. Examine the aspects of character/ personality needed to be a healthy, normal person
3. Measure the long-term results of character/personality underdevelopment
4. Use the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for change
5. Discover how to combine object relations concepts with other therapeutic approaches
6. Utilize treatment interventions specifically targeted to the lack of growth in each developmental stag

Target Audience
Psychologists Marriage and Family Therapists Counselors Psychiatrists Social Workers Substance Abuse Counselors Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Mental Health Nurses College Counselors Pastoral Counselors and Clergy Case Managers

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Many people seek help from mental health professionals for struggles like depression, anxiety, impaired judgment, substance abuse or behavioral difficulties. These noticeable problems are often symptomatic of something less conspicuous?deficits in maturity. No one arrives in adulthood in one piece. For various reasons, parts of the self get stuck in developmental culs-de-sac while other parts grow to maturity. Consequently, most people have "maturity gaps," or discrepancies between chronological age and developmental age. In effect, most grown-ups need to grow up in some areas and life eventually requires the use of all aspects of the person, even those that are underdeveloped. When that happens, people either grow in those areas or stay stuck. And staying stuck not only leads people to seek out mental health services, but may also hinder their ability to achieve successful therapeutic outcomes.
This seminar equips participants to help clients identify and develop those immature parts giving rise to troubling symptoms. The theoretical framework presented for understanding this process is object relations which could just as well be called "human relations." Participants will learn to use current relationships, both with the therapist and with others, to facilitate the growth of those personality aspects delayed in earlier times. This seminar communicates a user-friendly object relations perspective that helps clinicians enrich their therapeutic work, regardless of theoretical orientation, client population or treatment setting. The ideas are presented with frequent use of case examples, stories, illustrations and analogies which allow attendees to fully grasp the practical applications of the material. Character change and growth take place in the context of healthy relationships.

Dates and Locations
Purchase Address:   Home-study
Dates:   01-01-2020 - 01-01-2020, 12:00AM 12:00AM