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DSM-5: Understanding and Diagnosing Mental Disorders


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Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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1. Discuss changes to the organization and categories of mental disorders in the DSM-5
2. Develop an understanding of differential diagnoses
3. Identify the changes to multi-axial diagnosis
4. Discuss ethical, professional, and legal issues that are involved in the diagnostic process

Target Audience
• Psychologists • Marriage and Family Therapists • Social Workers • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors • Case Managers • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners • Mental Health Nurses • Behavioral Health Managers • School Counselors • College Counselors • Pastoral Counselors

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Understanding Mental Disorders, Diagnosis, and the DSM Is Crucial! Mental health professionals are expected to understand and be proficient in diagnosing mental disorders. Moreover, diagnoses are required for insurance reimbursement and are used in communications with other professionals. However, because clinicians become specialized, they may not see a wide range of disorders and may not have the most current information. Knowledge of the major disorders is particularly important in relation to the new DSM-5, which represents significant changes in our framework for the diagnosis of mental disorders. Highlighting current information regarding diagnostic categories and changes in the new DSM, this course is designed to train clinicians in the DSM-5, the prominent mental disorders (including adult and childhood disorders), differential diagnoses, and the key criteria required to diagnose. Participants, who work in non-diagnostic mental health-related areas, will gain an understanding of these mental disorders, which will assist them when reading client reports and creating treatment plans, educational plans, and more!

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