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Psychiatric Disorders in the Aging Population: Diagnosis and Treatment of the Overlooked Patient


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Discipline(s):   Counseling / Social Work / Psychology
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Discuss the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in the elderly.
Describe the subtle signs of depression and how it differs from dementia.
Identify five sources of a feeling of loss that often accompany moving into a nursing home.
Discuss how to validate the elderly patient's sense of loss by honoring their preoccupation with the past.
Identify the patient's willingness for death and how the loss of meaning and opportunities can lead to depression.
Discuss several alternative models for elder care and how they can positively affect elderly patients

Target Audience
• Social Workers • Care and Rehabilitation Supervisors and Practitioners • Case Managers • Counselors • Psychologists • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners • Mental Health Nurses • Activity Professionals • Home Health Care Personnel • Nursing Home Personnel • Assisted Living Personn

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Caring for the Aging Patient
While the elderly are, in many respects, no different than their younger counterparts, there are dynamics in the aging process in Western culture that create subtle issues that are easily overlooked. Frequently, elderly patients are just written off as old and/or senile because neither caregiver nor elder recognize the deeper causes of the problems. Figuring out the root of aging patients' odd behavior and the reasons they act the way they do is a crucial factor in changing the environment within nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and even hospital and home-care settings. Recognition of these issues and properly addressing them improves the efficacy of treatment.
In this one-day seminar, Dr. Nygard will discuss common issues and possible psychiatric syndromes in the elderly patient. He will look at the often unrecognized influences of our media and culture on health care and elders' self-fulfilling prophecies for their behavior. Cognitive rehabilitation for dementia will be covered as well as alternative models for long-term care, such as the Eden Alternative and Green Houses. Participants will leave this seminar with the knowledge they need to immediately incorporate better treatment and understanding of their elderly patients.

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