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SARA MEEKS’ “Stepping Down” Exercise Prescription for Improved Functional Outcomes - Webinar

Therapy Network Seminars

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Athletic Training
Contact Hours:   1.5
Registration Fee:   $52

Identify the conditions of physical frailty and osteoporosis as they pertain to patient populations which are being seen by rehab personnel Identify the guidelines for management of the patient with acute spinal compression fracture Identify the principles of modification of an exercise program including breath and The Re-Alignment Routine to meet the needs of the individual patient Demonstrate movement from and for the bones Demonstrate Perch Posture, Safe Sit-To-Stand-To-Sit, 2 Visual Images for Postural correction, Beginning Weight-Shifting Exercises for Balance, and 2 Different Visual Images for Improvement in Gait Identify a beginning therapeutic exercise program for the physically frail or pre-frail patient and revise it as necessary using the principles of The Meeks’ Method Demonstrate elements of Postural Correction, Balance, Gait, and ADL’s Identify indications for bracing with the Spinomed III Spinal Orthosis, use of the Sit-To-Stand Independence Chair and the LivMD Low Intensity Vibration unit Identify the principles of movement and discuss progression of the program to next levels of care

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This evidence-based, experiential, active and participatory 1.5-hour webinar will focus on the management of the long-term, chronically-ill, physically-frail, or pre-frail, cognitively-intact patient. The presentation will include adapted exercise and movement suggestions for patients who are being seen by rehabilitation personnel in ICU, Acute Care, Home Care, Nursing Home, Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care Facilities such as burn and organ transplant units as well as Out-Patient. These patients frequently exhibit several co-morbidities (e.g.,COPD, osteoporosis, burns, organ transplants, cardio-pulmonary and neurological conditions) that may influence movement and exercise prescription. Some of these conditions may have conflicting treatment options (e.g., spinal stenosis vs osteoporosis) and some diagnoses may take precedence over others. Emphasis is placed on innovative techniques for strengthening of the core muscles: Diaphragm and other Breathing Muscles, Lower Abdominals, Pelvic Floor and Back Extensors and other “Fountain-of-Youth Muscles” such as the Gluteus Maximus and Medius.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   Home-study
Dates:   01-01-2050 - 01-01-2050, 8:00PM 9:30PM