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MT-2: Essential Spinal Seminar (Full Course)

(MAPS) Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   35.5
Registration Fee:   $650

Course participants upon completion will be able to:
  • Conduct a subjective & physical exam of the spine based upon principles of assessment as described by G. Maitland and other manual P.T.s.
  • Understand and apply the principles of treating pain & stiffness using manual therapy.
  • Understand and apply Maitland's clinical reasoning model, including the eight clinical hypothesis categories per M. Jones and D. Rivett.
  • Properly apply five grades of passive movement to the spinal region.
  • Select the most effective treatment & examination techniques for the spinal patient, based upon accurate and specific diagnostic clinical assessment.
  • Develop skills in differential assessment and diagnosis.
  • Develop the ability to quickly and effectively treat patients with spinal conditions.
  • Enhance proficiency in the use of Lumbar rotations and Neurodynamics.

    Target Audience
    Open to PTs, MDs, DOs. Enrollment limited. Lab clothes required for all sessions

    Confirmation Notes
    Course Requirements: Open to PTs, PTAs, ATs, MDs, DOs, DCs. Enrollment limited. Lab clothes required for all sessions No previous experience with manual therapy required Average overall competency of 70% required for successful completion. The overall grade is comprised of written assignments (35% of overall grade) and laboratory participation (65% overall grade) Full CEUs require 100% direct contact attendance & completion of all MAPS Online Learning Participants are advised that in accordance with APTA HOD RC 31-01 the material taught in MAPS courses is not intended to be used outside the scope of the participants personal abilities, licensure, or relevant regulations. Furthermore, elements of the seminars are considered Physical Therapy only when performed by or under the direction of a licensed Physical Therapist. Cancellation policy:
    Refunds: Refunds are available, less a $100 cancellation fee, if a written request is received by MAPS no later than 30 days prior to the course start date. No refunds will be given after that date. No refunds are available for the COMT Exam, Symposium, or MT-A. Any course cancelled by MAPS will be refunded in full. All refunds are issued in the form of a check, which are generally issued within two weeks of the refund request.
    Transfers: Participants may request to change the course for which they have registered up until the transfer deadline, which is two weeks prior to the course date. Transfers are not allowed after the transfer deadline. The initial transfer of any single course registration is complimentary, but any additional transfers beyond the initial are subject to a $50 Transfer Fee.
    Letters of Credit: Letters of Credit (LOC) are available up until the transfer deadline. LOCs may be used to attend a MAPS course at a later date and are valid for 12 months. A $50 fee will be due upon re-registration.
    Illness or Emergency: In the event of severe illness or other emergency, you must notify MAPS at 1-800-828-0738 of your absence no later than 14 days after the scheduled course date to request a transfer or letter of credit. Please be prepared to submit written proof of your emergency. Re-registration fees may apply. Unexplained absences will result in forfeiture of the course registration fee 14 days following the course completion date.
    DO NOT MAKE FINAL TRAVEL OR LODGING ARRANGEMENTS UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A WRITTEN or EMAIL CONFIRMATION FROM M.A.P.S. M.A.P.S. is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or hotel reservations.

    Course Schedule: A blended online and live learning platform, in which the initial lecture, pre-course materials and additional home study are provided through MAPS Online Learning, in combination with a two-day live laboratory-based weekend seminar. Note: Exact time schedule below is subject to change. Day 1: 7:30am-6:30pm; Day 2: 8am-4:45pm (30-minute lunch)

    MT-2: Essential Spinal Seminar – Full Course 17.5 Direct Contact Hours+18.0 Home Study Hours = 35.5 Total Hours (3.6 CEUs) Course Description: May be taken as the first course in the MAPS series. MT-2 is an evidence-based introduction to the Maitland-Australian approach to orthopedic manual therapy (OMT), focusing on effective assessment and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the Spine. Participants are presented with peer-reviewed published evidence supporting the mechanical, neurophysiological, immunological, and psychological mechanisms of action of OMT. Evidence from recent Systematic Reviews and RCTs are presented through an online lecture/PowerPoint presentation to illustrate the effectiveness of the Maitland approach, and specific conditions that respond to, OMT. Course modules include: Lecture Overview and Introduction Mechanisms of Action of OMT Evidence for OMT Effectiveness Maitland Principles Subjective Examination & Physical Examination Clinical Applications: Evidence for techniques, conditions that they treat, and how to incorporate them into clinical practice MT-2 CAD-VBI The Maitland-Australian approach is extremely patient-centric and focuses upon highly specific subjective & objective physical examination processes. Clinical Reasoning and constant reassessment are taught and emphasized. Methods of assessment and treatment are practiced extensively in lab sessions (95% of live course and 49% of total course hours). Techniques taught include: active physiological, passive physiological, passive accessory, and combination movements. Both osteokinematic and arthrokinematic movements are incorporated. Psychomotor skill acquisition is ensured by detailed Instructor feedback given directly to each participant throughout the course. “LIVE” patient assessments and treatments are presented where permitted. Regions extensively covered include: Cervical, Thoracic (including rib articulations) and Lumbar spine. Neurodynamic assessments and treatment of the upper and lower limbs is included and integrated with the associated spinal regions. The hard-bound course manual includes detailed step-by-step instructions for each technique and more than 270 photographs. Over 900 references are provided. Required online home study coursework of 18.0 hours includes a 6.25-hour online lecture presentation.

    Dates and Locations
    Register Address:   Worcester Massachusetts
    Dates:   11-11-2023 - 11-12-2023, 7:30AM 6:30PM Eastern


    Register Address:   San Diego California
    Dates:   11-18-2023 - 11-19-2023, 7:30AM 6:30PM Eastern


    Register Address:   Denver Colorado
    Dates:   12-02-2023 - 12-03-2023, 7:30AM 6:30PM Eastern


    Register Address:   Brooklyn New York
    Dates:   03-02-2024 - 03-03-2024, 7:30AM 6:30PM Eastern


    Register Address:   Wyomissing Pennsylvania
    Dates:   03-23-2024 - 03-24-2024, 7:30AM 6:30PM Eastern