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Total Joint Arthroplasty

GREAT Seminars and Books

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   20
Registration Fee:   $545

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:
• Demonstrate the latest treatment techniques for working with patients who have had a total joint replacement in any treatment setting.
• Discuss the latest advances and technology in total joint arthroplasty.
• Explain the differences in the treatment of patients with total joint arthroplasty in the acute care environment and other environments.
• Analyze the surgical considerations and options available for joint arthroplasty.
• Judge post-operative precautions/restrictions following THA, TKA, TSA.
• Apply functional evaluation tools.
• Describe the aspects of total joint surgery for hips, knees and shoulders and the impact on rehabilitation.
• Design multidisciplinary care plans and their impact on patient care.
• Discuss rehabilitation programs for specific joint arthroplasty procedures.
• Construct the stages in medical and surgical management for patients receiving a total joint replacement.
• Plan an integrated treatment approach for the upper and lower extremity status-post fracture with or without repair.
• Inspect and review the rationale for rehabilitation protocols following total joint replacement.
• Implement evidence-based treatment interventions for total joint replacement.
• Learn to work with the interdisciplinary team in all stages of patient management

Target Audience
Primary Audience - Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants.
Secondary Audience: Other Rehabilitation Professional

Confirmation Notes
LEVEL: This course is at an intermediate level.

Fee: The registration fee includes all course sessions, breaks, continental breakfasts, and course handout.

Discount Program: Receive $25 off your class registration for each GREAT Seminars & Books, Inc. course attended from 2000 to the present up to a maximum of $200. In order to receive a discount, a copy of each course certificate must accompany registration form. No discounts will be taken once registration is completed.

Confirmation: A confirmation letter will be sent at least 1 month prior to the course with local hotels and information upon receipt of your registration form and fee. If you do not receive confirmation 2 weeks prior to class, please call to verify your registration. Registrations are not guaranteed until confirmed. Space may be limited, so register early.

Cancellation/refund policy: Cancellations must be received in writing at least two weeks prior to the seminar date for tuition refund less a $75 administration fee. NO refunds will be made after this date. Course Cancellation: GREAT Seminars and Books, Inc. reserves the right to cancel a course up to 2 weeks prior to the seminar date. In the event of cancellation of a course only the tuition fee will be refunded in full. GREAT Seminars and Books, Inc. is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets, lodging, or other related costs.

Educational Credit: A certificate of attendance for 20 contact hours of educational activity (20 CEUs or 2.0 CEUs depending on how your Practice Act determines CEUs in your state) will be awarded to registrants upon completion of the seminar.
For the latest in CEU approvals, please check the GREAT Seminars web site here.
All of our courses have Board of Certification Approval (NATA) and AOTA approval. Your tuition is tax deductible. All expenses of Continuing Education (including registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging) taken to maintain or improve professional skills are tax deductible according to Treasury Regulation 1.162-5 Couglin vs. Commissioner, 203 F2d 307.

Lost Certificates: Requests for a replacement certificate must be received in writing stating the name and dates of course attended. The cost for a replacement certificate is $25.

Day 1

7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:00 Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) • Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Knee Joint • Information on Surgical Techniques • Knee Surgical Videos 10:30 Break 10:45 Total Knee Arthroplasty Rehabilitation • Rehabilitation Protocols/Guidelines • Treatment and Challenges • Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty • TKA Resection • Pre-Operative: Teaching, Evaluation, Screening Tools • Acute vs. Sub-Acute: Basic and Advanced Techniques • Knee Exercise Videos 12:30 Working Lunch (on your own) Protocol Review 1:30 Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) • Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Hip Joint • Information on THA Surgical Approach/Options • Overview of Hip Dislocation Precautions/Restrictions • THA Surgical Videos 3:30 Break 3:45 Total Hip Arthroplasty Rehabilitation • Rehabilitation Protocols/Guidelines • Fracture • Trachanter Precautions • Revision THA • Pre-Operative: Teaching, Evaluation, Screening Tools • Acute vs. Sub-Acute: Basic and Advanced Techniques 6:00 Questions & Answers 6:30 Adjourn

7:30 Continental Breakfast 8:00 Total Shoulder Arthroplasty (TSA) • Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Shoulder Joint • Information on Surgical Techniques • Shoulder Surgical Videos TSA Rehabilitation • Rehabilitation Protocols/Guidelines • Pre-Operative: Teaching, Evaluation, Screening Tools • Shoulder Exercise Videos Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Rehabilitation • Rehabilitation Protocols/Guidelines 10:30 Break 10:40 Current Practice and Total Joint Management: Where we are and where we are going. Medical Management of the Medically Complex Patient with a Total Joint • Patient Overview • Review of Lab Values • Pharmacology • Medical Co-morbidities • Case Studies and Scenarios of the Complex Patient with Total Joint • Discussion of obstacles for difficult patients 12:30 Working Lunch (on your own) Group Discussion 1:30 Multidisciplinary Planning Development of a Program – Getting the team to work for you. • Multidisciplinary Team: PT, OT, RN • Right Vs. Wrong (What Works and What Doesn’t) • Working Relationships 3:30 Break 3:45 Additional Treatment Ideas for Post Acute Total Joint Arthroplasty in Any Practice Setting. • SNF, Acute Rehab, Transitional Care Units, PCU, Outpatient Rehab, Home Care, Etc. • Exercise Protocols 5:00 Integration of Knowledge – Summary of: • Standardized Tests • Functional Outcome Measures • Exercise Programs 6:00 Questions and Answers 6:30 Adjourn

Take best practice and combine it with the topic of total joint arthroplasty and you will get the essential message of this course. How can we, as clinicians, practice in this rapidly changing environment and give great substantiated care? This course will give clinicians functional assessment tools and treatment programs to apply in their current clinical environments. Critical pathways (i.e. care plans), therapeutic treatment techniques, and rehabilitation protocols will be presented for total hip, knee and shoulder arthroplasty. Pre-operative, acute care, and post-discharge concerns will be addressed and examples of a precise therapeutic exercise program within each setting will be presented. Suggested protocols, sample home exercise instruction sheets, and home exercise programs along with evaluation and treatment guidelines will be given, thus providing therapists with information to improve their clinical practice related to joint arthroplasty.

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