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Mississippi Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   2
Registration Fee:   $25

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the APTA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant. 2. Demonstrate knowledge of the Annotated Mississippi Code, and the Mississippi Regulations Governing Licensure of PTs and PTAs. 3. Define ethics and the components of ethical standards and behavior. 4. Define the concepts of business and professional ethics. 5. Identify the difference between technical care and ethical care. 6. Define the concepts of nonmaleficence, beneficence, fidelity, autonomy, veracity, justice. 7. Define the concepts of professional and personal integrity such as honesty, non-discrimination, misconduct and conflict of interest. 8. Recognize how the concepts of professional and personal integrity apply to workplace situations.

Target Audience
Physical Therapist, and Physical Therapist Assistants

Unit 1: Ethics in Healthcare Unit 2: Defining Ethics Unit 3: Why Ethics Matters

“Mississippi Ethics and Professional Responsibility” was written by Rebecca J. Stigall, ed. Anne Osborn MPT ©2010. “Mississippi Ethics and Professional Responsibility” is designed to educate the healthcare professional in understanding the basic theories and approaches to ethical decision making. This course meets the ethics requirement for Mississippi. “Mississippi Ethics and Professional Responsibility” has been approved for 2 contact hours. This course is available in our online format (PDF Download) available instantly, or by mail.

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