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Functional Fitness for Older Adults

At Home Seminars

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy / Athletic Training
Contact Hours:   6
Registration Fee:   $89.9499969482422

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
1. Identify research supporting the benefits of exercise programs for older adults.
2. Identify 6 benefits for exercise in older adults.
3. Identify 3 types of health benefits in older adults produced by physical activity.
4. Identify 7 social and economic benefits of increased functional fitness.
5. Identify the major muscle groups used for upper-body tasks and lower-body tasks.
6. Identify 6 steps in assessing the needs of an older adult.
7. Identify 8 basic rules for leading an activity program.
8. Identify side effects from commonly prescribed medications including: ACE inhibitors, analgesics, antiarrhythmic drugs, anticoagulants, antidiabetic medications, beta-adrenergic blockers, bronchodilators, calcium antagonists, digitalis, diuretics, levodopa, lipid-lowering agents, nitrates and vasodilators.
9. Identify 3 general strategies for motivation.
10. Identify specific guidelines for exercise with older adults who have arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, history of stroke, peripheral vascular disease, hip fractures, low back pain, depression or osteoporosis.
11. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Lift-to-Function exercise program.
12. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Squeeze-to-Function exercise program.
13. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Strengthen-to-Function exercise program.
14. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Balance-to-Function exercise program.
15. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Walk’n’Wheel-to-Function exercise program.
16. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Step Up-to-Function exercise program.
17. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Hold It-to-Function exercise program.
18. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Move-to-Function exercise program.
19. Identify components, features and practical benefits of the Remember-to-Function exercise program.

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This course is offered in cooperation with Human Kinetics and includes the paperback textbook, “Functional Fitness for Older Adults” by Patricia A. Brill, PhD, c2004. This textbook is an illustrated guide for activity professionals working with adults over the age of 65, especially those who are unable to complete activities of daily living because of poor functional levels. This course includes a variety of specialized activity programs developed to meet the specific needs of older adults. They are designed to improve upper and lower body strength, balance, range of motion, and functional performance. The exercise programs are approximately 20 to 30 minutes each and fit easily into busy schedules, a variety of participants’ needs and institutional budgets. Extensive research has verified that the guidelines and programs are safe and will result in significant functional gains for most participants, improving their health-related quality of life.
Specific guidelines are included for working with older adults with: arthritis, COPD, depression, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and stroke.
The exercise instructions, abundant illustrations, and program guides put all the information you need for teaching exercises and leading programs at your fingertips. This course is the most comprehensive guide available for building your repertoire of programs for improving the overall quality of life for older adults. 128 pages.
Course Length: 6.0 contact hours
Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Course Goals:
This course is intended to instruct the student through self-paced study on the Lift-to-Function, Squeeze-to-Function, Strengthen-to-Function, Balance-to-Function, Walk’n’Wheel-to-Function, Step Up-to-Function, Hold It-to-Function, Move It-to-Function and Remember-to-Function exercise programs specifically designed to increase functional fitness in older adults.

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