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Rethinking the Core:


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  • Identify functional movement patterns in all anatomical planes based on patient posture and positioning
  • Review anatomy used for functional movement in transverse, sagittal, and frontal planes
  • Analyze the dysfunctional posture, gait, and functional mobility that can occur with contracture, weakness, and disuse of core anatomy
  • Review core activities based on research and current evidence to promote independence with sit-stand, transfers, functional mobility, ADLs, gait, and transverse plane dynamic standing tasks
  • Demonstrate dynamic core activity during labs to develop an evolutionary plan of care and to promote functional outcome
  • Practice progressive documentation related to core-based treatment using strategies learned during the course and terminology recognized by payer sources


This lab-based course emphasizes the importance of core stability and mobility as it pertains to function and movement with the adult and geriatric client. Many clinicians focus on strengthening muscles while neglecting the formation of movement patterns, neuromuscular re-education, and muscle memory during treatment. Thus, many clinicians fail to properly assess the client's weakness as it pertains to the core and often add to contracture patterns, compensatory strategies, and fall risks.
This course addresses various areas of the core and how to disassociate and disseminate these areas depending on the need of the client. Strategies will be taught to identify where a client over- or underutilizes specific movement patterns and which muscles contribute or inhibit these patterns. This course will also address how core and pelvic stability define the "determinants of gait" often neglected prior to performing gait. Participants will spend nearly 2 hours in labs to ensure immediate implementation and carry-over the strategies learned into their specific population or setting. Demonstrations of grading all movement patterns and exercises learned in this course will occur to address various client functional levels. Documentation of core-based strategies will also be discussed to ensure reimbursement in all settings.

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