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CTI: Cervical Thoracic Integration

Integrative Manual Therapy Solutions

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   30
Registration Fee:   $595

CTI: Cervical Thoracic Integration
(Developed by Jeffrey J Ellis MS, PT, MTC, FFCFMT)
  • Describe the normal and abnormal arthrokinematics of the cranio-cervical and thoracic spine in the neutral and non-neutral postures.
  • Describe the normal and abnormal arthrokinematics of the costal cage.
  • Differentiate "structural" rib dysfunctions from "respiratory" rib dysfunctions.
  • Describe the normal and abnormal myokinematics of the cranio-cervical thoracic and costal cage regions identifying potential sites of "myofascial and neurovascular entrapment".
  • Describe / demonstrate the significance and role of myofascial dysfunction (MFD) as a "primary motion restrictor" in movement dysfunction of the cervical-thoracic and costal cage regions.
  • Perform a biomechanical evaluation of the cranio-cervical-thoracic and costal cage regions identifying aberrant arthro/myokinematics of the same (positionsl/motion dysfunction).
  • Stress the importance of, and safely perform "vertebro-basilar" and ligamentous stress testing" of the cranio-cervical region.
  • Identify the relationships and distinctions between spondylogenic, radicular, neurogenic, viscerogenic and psychogenic pain syndromes of the cranio-cervical-thoracic and costal cage regions.
  • Perform a variety of "traditional and non-traditional" Muscle Energy (MET), Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM), and Neuromuscular Re-Education techniques in a safe and efficacious manner.
  • Incorporate various "schools of thought" and treatment strategies (ie. PNF, Functional Technique, Joint Mobil./Manip., McKenzie, Maitland approach, Functional Orthopaedics and Functional Mobilization) with the Osteopathic MET methodology.
  • Demonstrate the importance of a "prescriptive" home exercise program (HEP), relative to specific motion/position dysfunction of the cervical-thoracic and costal cage regions.

  • Target Audience
    Physical Therapists, Physical Theapy Assistants

    Confirmation Notes
    You are required to attend all hours of the course to receive a certificate. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing prior to attending the seminar.
    On-line registrations will be confirmed by email. A written confirmation letter will be mailed the following day. Please do not make travel arrangements until you received confirmation. IMTS will not be responsible for any non-refundable airline tickets.

    Friday 1:00PM Registration
    Friday 1:30-8:30PM Basic Premise/Evaluation/Treatment, Thoracic Spine Pathomechanics, Posture, Seated CBMT, PEMT, PIVMs, PAIVMS
    Saturday 8:30-6:15PM Treatment Thoracic Spine, Costal Cage Pathomechanics, MET External/Internal Torsion, Anterior/Posterior/Lateral Subluxation
    Sunday 8:30-5:30PM MET Inhalation/Exhalation Restrictions, Cervical Pathomechanics Lecture, Ligament Stress & Vertebral Artery Testing, AROM C Spine, OA & AA Eval & Treament, Mid-Cervical Eval & Treatment, Case Studies
    2.75 days / 30 Contact Hours with 6 online independent study hours

    Integrative Muscle Energy Series
    Developed by Jeffrey J Ellis MS, PT, MTC, FFCFMT
    CTI provides an Integrative and systematic approach in differentiating and correcting somatic dysfunction of the cervical, thoracic spine and rib cage. Primarily utilizing Integrative Muscle Energy Technique (MET), CTI incorporates Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM), Neuro-Muscular Re-Education and Prescriptive Home Exercises, while combining, harmonizing the principles of Osteopathic methodology with those of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy. CTI serves as "core curriculum" in Touro College's Advanced Masters program (Bayshore, NY) in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy as well as the Institute of Physical Art's Certification Program CFMT (Steamboat Springs, CO).
    *A $35 discount is given for CTI if payment "in-full" is received 30 days prior to start date of the seminar.

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