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# 147 Evaluation and Management of the Lumbar/SIJ/Hip Complex

Motivations, Inc.

Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy
Contact Hours:   16
Registration Fee:   $495

OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
1.Differentiate pain originating from the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint, and hip, as well as accurately differentiating the tissue at fault in each area (i.e. facet vs. disc vs. muscle, etc).
2.Differentiate between lumbar and sacroiliac hyper and hypo-mobility, and prescribe appropriate treatment for each.
3.Demonstrate appropriate selection and application of joint mobilization techniques for the lumbar spine, SIJ, and hip.
4.Evaluate the hip complex functionally, and apply findings to a treatment program
5.Describe and discuss the functional interaction of the lumbar spine, SIJ, and hip and the implications to treatment for each area
6.Describe current concepts in lumbar stabilization and motor learning as they apply to the treatment of patients with acute LBP, chronic LBP, and SIJ dysfunction.
7.Perform a complete examination of the lumbar spine, SIJ, and hip based on the principles to symptom reproduction and provocation-alleviation testing.

Target Audience
Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants

Confirmation Notes
This is a 16-hour course equivalent to 1.60 CEU. Lecture and Lab. Intermediate Level. This course is approved by SCAPTA and the state physical therapy boards or APTA chapters of the states in which the course is held. Motivations, Inc. is an approved CEU provider .

Day 1
7:30 Course sign-in and pick-up packets 8:00 Course overview 8:15 Clinical reasoning in examination, evaluation, and treatment 8:30 Lumbar anatomy and kinematics, pathomechanics -disc, facet, muscular and neural 10:00 History taking for the lumbar spine and interpretation 10:30 Break 10:45 Cyriax evaluation and interpretation 11:15 Lab: Cyriax evaluation 12:00 Lunch (on own) 1:00 Neurodynamics and lab 2:15 PIVM/PAIVM’s 3:00 Lab: PIVM/PAIVM’s 3:30 Lumbar Mobilization: demonstration and practice 5:30 Questions and adjourn

****Due to the nature of PM labs, break will be on own during practice time****
Day 2
7:30 Sign-in 8:00 Questions/review previous day 8:15 Acute vs. Chronic LBP 8:30 Traction lab 9:00 L-S instability Instability demonstration and practice Exercise lab** (space permitting) 10:30 Break 10:45 SIJ evaluation: osteopathic vs. symptom reproduction 11:00 SIJ evaluation and treatment lab 12:00 Lunch (on own) 1:00 Demonstrate and practice: differentiation of Lumbar/SIJ/Hip lesions 2:30 Hip evaluation and treatment 4:00 clinical prediction rules, clinical reasoning, and patient management 5:30 Questions/Wrap-up **Where facility space permits, exercise lab will be included to improve clinical application

Differentiation of the source of pain in the lumbo-pelvic region is a common clinical challenge. This course will provide the participant with the tools required to determine the most likely source of their patient’s pain. An integrated approach utilizing the concepts of Cyriax, Maitland, Kaltenborn, and Evjenth, in combination with current best evidence-based practice as described in the literature, will be utilized to form the foundation of an effective treatment approach. Participants will gain a working knowledge of evaluation via selective tissue tension, provocation-alleviation testing, and joint mobility assessment. A strong emphasis will be placed on the clinical reasoning and patient management skills required to translate examination findings into effective treatments, and will include a thorough overview of the use of joint mobilization, traction, patient education, and various modes of exercise as treatments. This course will be lab-intensive due to the nature of the material presented, and will also include lecture and demonstration components.
Course Registration Rates:
$395 Consortium Registration - Group Discount – To see if your facility is already a Consortium Facility, click on the register button, then the "Fees and Locations tab"
$445 Association Registration - Member of APTA, AOTA, NATA-BOC, ASHA, SCARF, etc.
$495 Individual Registration - Register on-line and Save $25! Use coupon code: 2507 to receive discount.

Dates and Locations
Register Address:   **2018 DATE** Tucson Arizona
Location:   BodyCentral Physical Therapy
Dates:   07-21-2018 - 07-22-2018, 12:00AM 12:00AM


Register Address:   Raleigh North Carolina
Location:   WakeMed
Dates:   09-15-2018 - 09-16-2018, 12:00AM 12:00AM

Register Address:   Phoenix Arizona
Location:   Banner University Medical Center
Dates:   09-28-2018 - 09-29-2018, 12:00AM 12:00AM


Register Address:   Seattle Washington
Location:   Highline Physical Therapy
Dates:   11-10-2018 - 11-11-2018, 12:00AM 12:00AM

Register Address:   Seattle Washington
Location:   Highline Physical Therapy
Dates:   11-10-2018 - 11-11-2018, 12:00AM 12:00AM