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Office Ergonomics Training


Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   8
Registration Fee:   $400

By the end of this training program learners will be able to:
•Understand, use, and evaluate current office ergonomic evaluation tools
•Differentiate common office ergonomic assessment tools and be able to identify the most appropriate for you evaluation
•Identify common office ergonomic risk factors and determine solutions to mitigate these risk factors
•Understand basic methods of identifying, selecting and implementing office ergonomic solutions
•Select appropriate engineering and administrative controls to mitigate office ergonomic risk factors
•Develop and implement a full office ergonomics program at any size employer Perform a full office ergonomic evaluation at a local employer

Target Audience
Safety and Health Professionals
Physical Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Human Resource Professionals
Athletic Trainers
Exercise Physiologists
Allied Health Professionals

Confirmation Notes
Education Level: Introductory - Intermediate
OccuPro' prides itself in meeting the highest standard of continuing education course approval and providing medical professionals with continuing education units. This course has been approved by the following state and national approval bodies:
State of Illinois Physical Therapy Continuing Education Sponsor
BOC Approved CE Provider


This continuing education course is offered all over the United States, at OccuPro's National Research and Training Center, and as a live webcast.

OccuPro's Office Ergonomics Training continuing education course is designed for professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the field of office ergonomic evaluation. Following the completion of this one day program you will be able to analyze and evaluate common office ergonomic risk factors and reduce these risk factors. The course will discuss, demonstrate and teach common office ergonomic evaluation techniques. The course will provide detailed and hands-on instruction of commonly used office ergonomic assessment tools designed to identify high risk activities, rank multiple jobs for the need for ergonomic revisions, and provide direction for selection of office ergonomic solutions. The course will consist of hands on use of common office ergonomic evaluation techniques within an office environment and providing solutions to reduce office ergonomic risk factors.
Satisfactory course completion as an assessment of learned outcomes includes:
•Participation in the one day training program
•Performing various office ergonomic evaluations
•Classroom presentations/critique of your office ergonomic evaluations

Date And Locations
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