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Modalities for Massage and Bodywork Module 2: Cancer Massage, Lymphatic Drainage & Myofascial Release

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1. Identify and differentiate between 6 main types of cancer. 2. List 7 physical benefits of massage for cancer patients. 3. Recognize lubricants containing zinc should not be used for those in radiation therapy. 4. Recognize 2 major considerations for massage with clients recovering from surgery. 5. Recognize the role of the precollector lymph vessels. 6. Identify 4 basic techniques taught in the Vodder method. 7. Recognize characteristics of the treatment phase when performing manual lymph drainage in the treatment of lymphedema. 8. Identify 4 major contraindications to manual lymph drainage treatment. 9. Define Sherrington’s law of reciprocal innervation/inhibition. 10. Define inherent force. 11. Recognize characteristics of anchor and stretch strokes. 12. Recognize characteristics of expedited lengthening strokes. 13. List 19 contraindications or situations requiring great care and experience in the treatment of myofascial release. 14. Recognize the best way to learn a myofascial approach is to take continuing education seminars.

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Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapists, and Occupations Therapy Assistants

Chapter 3. Cancer Massage - Bev Byers Chapter 8. Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Robert Harris Chapter 9. Myofascial Release - Art Riggs with Keith Eric Grant

This course utilizes text from the softback textbook by Elaine Stillerman, LMT “Modalities for Massage and Bodywork” ©2008. Gain a better understanding of the top modalities in massage practice with expert insight and a balanced, user-friendly approach. This current, consistently organized resource distills a wealth of information on 21 popular massage modalities into easy-to-read overviews detailing the essential principles behind each therapy.

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