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Stroke Rehabilitation Module 3: Edema, Splinting, Casting and Functional Mobility and Gait

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1. Provide clinical reasoning for edema treatment. 2. Describe types of evaluations used to detect edema and the success of edema treatment. 3. Recognize three proposed theories of etiology and types of stroke hand edema. 4. Define volumetric measurement. 5. Recognize how to perform a rebound test. 6. Recognize and differentiate between the five MEM Upper Extremity Pump Point Hand Placement Areas. 7. Identify a variety of splinting options. 8. Recognize characteristics of low stretch bandages. 9. Review positive and negative aspects of commonly used splints. 10. Present rationales for splinting that consider current concepts of motor control, including biomechanical principles. 11. Recognize three major requirements for locomotion that can be applied to all functional mobility tasks 12. Recognize the impact of impairment on mobility tasks. 13. Analyze specific movement patterns observed during mobility tasks and common compensatory strategies. 14. Understand the impact of environmental changes on mobility tasks. 15. Understand normal gait components. 16. Identify common gait deviations after a cerebrovascular accident. 17. Understand the basics of gait retraining. 18. Identify and describe commonly used orthoses and assistive devices.

Target Audience
Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants

Chapter 12: Edema Control Chapter 13: Splinting Applications Chapter 14: Functional Mobility Chapter 15: Gait Awareness

This course utilizes text from a hard back textbook by Glen Gillen, EdD, OTR/L, BCN, FAOTA “Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach” 3rd edition ©2011. This detailed text combines aspects of background medical information, a comprehensive review of standardized and nonstandardized evaluation procedures and assessments, treatment techniques and evidence based interventions.

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