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Solving the Handwriting Puzzle


Format(s):   Live Seminars
Discipline(s):   Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   
Registration Fee:   $189

  • Identify techniques to accurately and effectively correct handwriting errors
  • Participate in hands-on lab sessions for ocular motor treatment, handwriting evaluation and hand development
  • Discover five simple handwriting errors for easier evaluation and instruction
  • Organize and treat sensory-motor weaknesses and ocular motor weaknesses related to handwriting
  • Recognize the significance of hand preference and laterality
  • Analyze a handwriting sample and identify five common areas of handwriting dysfunction
  • Obtain positive tools to enhance your students' self-esteem regarding handwriting
  • Identify how to give your students confidence to identify and correct their own handwriting errors
  • Determine and apply vestibulo-ocular and bilateral integration techniques that impact handwriting deficits
  • Develop new, efficient and measurable handwriting goals
  • Utilize specific treatment strategies to address common handwriting deficits such as hand grasp, reversals, copying from a board, handwriting rate and hand dominance
  • Identify and be able to utilize treatment techniques to address ocular motor deficits that impact handwriting

    Handwriting is a primary functional outcome addressed by occupational therapists in a school setting. This singular outcome is the result of many underlying deficits that impact a student's well-being and ability to function in a classroom. Handwriting is an essential expression of a student and how he/she sees the world, written on paper. Nothing is more personal than a handwritten note of someone's thoughts and feelings. This note loses its power if the reader struggles to read it, because it is not legible. Students who struggle with handwriting may experience frustration and anxiety, which may negatively impact their overall school experience. Since they are challenged with conveying a written message, their school work and grades can be impacted. Why another handwriting seminar? This seminar was created to decrease children's frustrations and improve their self-esteem as hand writers. This practical seminar will provide the foundation to teaching handwriting with clear, concise and positive instruction. Techniques used in this seminar will incorporate kinesthetic, tactile, visual motor, ocular motor, vestibular and conceptual means of teaching handwriting quality. Also, handwriting quality will be broken down to five simple pieces. By breaking handwriting down to its pieces, students can improve their handwriting one piece at a time. Teaching handwriting quality in this way empowers the students to correct their own handwriting, while increasing their self-esteem. Use of specific treatment techniques helps to improve students' handwriting faster, thus shortening the duration of necessary intervention. Participants will leave this seminar invigorated and with practical handwriting techniques that help kids piece together the "Handwriting Puzzle."
    Eligible for 6 contact hours. Click on the register button, then CE tab for CEU information.

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