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Sports Specific Rehabilitation Module 2: Shoulder, CORE to Floor and Hip

Format(s):   Home-study
Discipline(s):   Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
Contact Hours:   10
Registration Fee:   $159

Course Goals: This course is intended to instruct the professional through a self-paced study on the sports specific rehabilitation of patients. Professional Objectives: At the end of this course the professional will be able to: *Identify and differentiate between the stages of overhand throwing. *Recognize the changes in soft tissues surrounding the glenohumeral joint as a result of overhead-throwing activities. *Define the “shoulder at risk” 180-degree rule. *List and identify the core muscles of the trunk. *Recognize the psoas muscle is activated during push-up exercises. *Identify and differentiate between four slings of muscle systems. *Identify the rocker effect of the foot and ankle in the sagittal plane. *Recognize mobilization techniques used to increase pronation of the foot and ankle. *Differentiate between pes planus feet and pes cavus feet. *Identify normal femoral anteversion measurements. *Differentiate between structural malalignments of the foot. *Identify foot orthotic strategies for a forefoot valgus deformity. *Identify foot orthotic strategies for turf toe. *Recognize athletic footwear characteristics for injury prevention. *Recognize and differentiate between the Full Can Testing position and the Empty Can Test. *Define the MDI sulcus test and what it directly assesses. *Recognize the Kibler Scapular Dysfunction Classification system. *Define SICK. *Recognize normal alignment of the pelvis in the sagittal plane. *Identify differentiating characteristics of the passive straight leg raising testing. *Recognize the postion to scour lumbar facet joints. *Differentiate between sacroiliac joint tests. *Recognize the position used to perform the abdominal drawing-in test. *Identify the function and role of the Drop Leg Test. *Recognize tests used to assess power. *Define Limb Symmetry Index (LSI) and indicators of an abnormal test.

Target Audience
Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Certified Occupational Therapist Assistants, and Athletic Trainers.

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This course utilizes text from the soft back textbook by Robert Donatelli. “Sports Specific Rehabilitation” ©2007 is a comprehensive resource for focusing on returning injured athletes to their optimal performance! This book discusses exercise principles; muscle fatigue, muscle damage, and overtraining concepts; pathophysiology of overuse injuries; core evaluation in sports-specific testing; physiological basis of exercise specific to sport; and special considerations for the athlete. This 368 page book has been broken down by chapters into 3 modules (check your states approval status in the state specific course catalog for your profession). Each module can be purchased separately or combined with one or all of the other modules as a bundle pack. Individual modules are available in our online format (PDF Download) available instantly, or by mail. Our mail order format allows our customer to obtain a hardcopy of the course materials. When you choose the mail format we will rush you your course materials the next business day via USPS Priority, UPS Ground or UPS 2nd Day Air. Instructional Level: Beginner/Intermediate 2: (10 contact hours) Ch 8: Pathophysiology of Injury to the Overhead-Throwing Athlete Ch 9: The Anatomy and Pathophysiology of the CORE Ch 10: From the CORE to the Floor-Interrelationships Ch 11: Evaluation of Glenohumeral, AC, & Scapulothoracic Joints in the Overhead-Throwing Athlete Ch12: Evaluation of the Trunk and Hip CORE Price: Online version: $153 Mail version: $167 Antipitch hitch bob efficaciousness hydrophoby multiplicative enum. Consist carvacrol indri, backspacing! Loranthyl.

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